Rudolf Weigl, the inventor of the typhoid vaccination, was recently recognized by an Google Doodle in honor of his birthday of 138 years ago. He developed a vital vaccine, and was named in the Nobel Prize in Medicine between 1930 and 1934, and also between 1936 and 1939.

In the wake of his demise the scientist who invented this vaccine passed on a rich legacy to his children as well as his daughter Zofia Weigl. Following the Google Doodle on September 2 2021, millions of users across India and the United States and India started looking on the web to determine whether Zofia Weigl was alive or dead.

Who is Zofia Weigl?

Zofia Weigl is the spouse of famous inventor of the typhoid vaccine Rudolf Weigl. It was her profession to be a Polish scientist, biologist, and doctor. Her birth year was 1885. to lawyers from Malta along with Victor Klikus, she had three brothers: Stephanie, Helena and Wanda.

She attended Lviv Women’s Gymnasium. Lviv Women’s Gymnasium and graduated from the Faculty of Biology at Lviv University. She was made a as a teacher at a popular four-class high school located in Tosniu.

Then, she earned the doctorate degree in Biology, and began her work in the role of assistant professor at the University of California.

Is Zofia Weigl alive or dead?

The year 1921 was the time that Zofia Weigl was married in 1921 to Rudolf Weigl and was able to begin participating in the scientific work of her husband. She was the closeest partner of the institute in which the vaccine was developed and developed.

She resided in Lvov with her children and her extended family. She passed away in 1940. But, when her term expires, it was discovered that Rudolf had been married to her secretary, Anna Heldin. Thus, the evidence clear that Zofia Weigl is deadand not alive.

The solution to the question you asked is Zofia Weigl passed away or died alive in the year 1940.

About Zofia Waigl Kids and the Residence

Zofia Weigl as well as Rudolf Weigl had two daughters and a son who was named Viktor Weigl. The daughter of the actor Christina Weigl Albert currently works as psychologist.

The family resided with the children located at 4, Vagilevcha Street in Lviv. However, with only 1940 as an exception, it’s not clear when she passed away. However, after her death her husband was married to his assistant. So, the request will be addressed by ZofiaWeigl living or dead.

What did he contribute to the development of the typhoid vaccination?
Zofia as well as Rudolf Weigl worked in the lab before they got married in 1921. She was a part of the research of her husband and was the most close employee of the laboratory which was where the vaccine was made.

Her husband helped her develop the well-known typhoid vaccination which was then nominated by the Nobel Prize in Medicine between 1930 and 1934, and then 1936 and 1939.


Zofia Weigl assisted her husband to develop a vaccine against typhoid and a lot of people are using the Internet to determine if Zofia Weigl is still alive or has passed away. The actress died in 1940. However, the exact date of death and the month she died aren’t accurate.

The news media praised her following the news that the husband of her Rudolf Weigl was featured in the Google Doodle on his 138th birthday, for his contribution to the field of medicine.