This report reviews and provides technical information on the recent publication from Zambianmeat (the dark Zambian meat website).

Did you know that the most recent production data includes international boundaries for stomach contents? Click below to learn more.

Users around the world discovered AFL annual production statistics about the production of meat, based upon certain requirements. To the nation’s borders, the slaughterhouse reports regarding the origins of the meat can be accessed.

The Zambianmeat website has been reviewed by our experts.

Notification Note: We have included all details in relation to media.

About Zambian meat website

Many markets and online forums are dedicated to Azam’s famous spice and local products like buffalo and deer meat.

In the event of domestic and Ndiwa-related questions, Zimbabwean meat is promoted as the best repaired.

It all began in Germany, where people were obsessed with these foods. The food was remarkably delicious amid the incredible luxury of Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

This site is very popular online and can be used to share recipes or exclusive reviews of food written by content creators.

You can find out more about the latest news and recipe links in the Zambian Food Wiki.

Web page features

  • This website provides information about Zimbabwean as well as related information about Cannibalism.
  • This site contains many facts and information about Zimbabwe, as well as details about the country’s food and other meat-related content.
  • This site asks for donations to animals that are being killed.
  • The website owner information has been removed by LLC proxy domains.
  • They encourage Cannibalism-related violent and disturbing content.
  • In an act of Cannibalism, certain mothers cleaned the site.
  • According to police, the website increases the desire of the user to kill their victims.

Zambianmeat Web site Legal

  1. The site launched on November 28, 2005. The site was last updated on November 22nd 2021.
  2. It was created in the United States and does not include contact or owner information.
  3. This website has a trust rating at 68 percent, and is free from blocklisting. However, there are many negative reviews and points of view.
  4. Although the site offers a way to transport beef, it is being investigated for fraud.
  5. According to the claims, the site’s payment method doesn’t work.
  6. Websites and social media platforms are not the property of the owner.
  7. The number for help doesn’t work and redirects people to a fake platform.

Zambian Meat Website Reviews

Experts claim that there weren’t any reviews left on the site by a genuine user. Websites contain technical data, which are known as head and the restriction.

It is a short timeframe, 11 months. It does not have an authentic online identity or social media platform to connect with the service.


Our experts also declare that the site has an excellent score but are not certain of its authenticity.

I was shocked by the Alexa and Google ranking of this website. It promotes violence, as well as Cannibalism.