To Achieve Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive, you need to crush each of the three telescopes in a manner as portrayed in this article.

The most recent Fortnite challenge is currently out. The players need to obliterate three telescopes and their parts in a fight. Fortnite, which is very famous in the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom, is currently showing Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive. The test looks very thrilling, and rewards and rewards, as usual, are additionally there.

The clients are enquiring where to begin this journey and complete it. This article will let you know how to begin the journey at the Seven stations and continue with it

A Brief Introduction of the Fornite Game

Fortnite is a computer game that can be played in three distinct variants. The game was created by Epic Games and was delivered in 2017. The class is a sandbox, fight royale, and endurance. The Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive game can be played on PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The game is about difficulties, and the new test is presently accessible. Save the World mode is inaccessible for Android and is right now running on Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The Fortnite Creative mode was additionally sent off in 2018. Free admittance to innovative mode is likewise accessible at this point. The Fortnite annoy royale was nominated for the Best Co-operation game by PC Gamer and won the honor in 2018. In 2021, the game again turned into the Kids’ Favorite Video Game.

Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive: How to Start the Quest

The new journey begins at the ‘seven bases’. ‘Seven Base’ is found upper east of the mountain. On the northwest corner of the building there, the player could find a telescope. Search for the telescope and squash it with your weapon and interact with the remaining and resulting piece. From here, you need to move south. To go south, you will be swimming or boating. In the wake of reaching the building there, a telescope would be tracked down right external the building.

Subsequent to smashing this also in Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive, you need to move towards the Sanctuary POI. The final telescope would be viewed as here. For this, move towards the west side to find the biggest building. A while later, turn towards the north inside the building. At the façade of this building, another telescope could be found. This is the final telescope that you need to obliterate. Crush it, and the test is finished.


As portrayed over, the undertaking will be finished when you annihilate every one of the three telescopes. Simply follow the cycle, and the mission will be finished. Try not to become confounded and start just from the ‘seventh base’, and the way to three telescopes can be tracked down then for Your Next Objective in Sanctuary Receive. After comp