If you need to tackle extreme pressure washing tasks, a diesel pressure washer is the right fit. Unlike an electric or petrol pressure washer, a diesel model comes with all the benefits of a diesel engine – making it perfect for commercial projects and more. To illustrate its benefits, let’s look at the pros of buying a diesel pressure washer. Compared to electric or petrol models, diesel models provide a lot of advantages – especially for mine sites and industrial applications:

Diesel Pressure Washers Are More Fuel Efficient

The fuel efficiency of a diesel engine cannot be beat. One of their biggest advantages is how much better they get with pressure washers. If you compare a petrol equivalent pressure washer with a diesel one, the diesel will last much longer under high pressure.

Diesel Pressure Washers Have A Lower Cost Of Ownership

Most people think that diesel engines are powered by the energy from diesel fuel. That’s only partly true. Most of the fuel is burned in an air-tight chamber, called the combustion chamber. Combustion of air and fuel in this chamber generates both heat and pressure. The hot gases (products of combustion) expand, do work on the engine, and produce thrust. But surely engines are still fueled by diesel, right? Not entirely. Although the vast majority of fuel used in diesel engines is a type of diesel, they can also use other types of fossil fuels such as gasoline or natural gas.

There Are Lots Of Added Extra Options

Many diesel pressure washers come with things like fuel tank bunding, fire extinguishers, and other features specific to the industry. An electric starter can also be an optional feature for some models.

 Ideal for heavy industrial and mining applications

All of the above means that diesel pressure washers are a good choice for heavy industrial and mining applications.

What To Look For In A Diesel Pressure Washer

Reputable brand

When it comes to cleaning greasy spaces and machinery, look for a PSI of 3000-5000. The PSI rating tells you the pressure of the washer.

Quality pump

A pump pushes water through the pipes, and can be crucial for your plumbing. But a high-pressure pump is even more important since it needs to resist being broken by all the water coming through it. A pump warranty is different than a plumbing warranty, and you’ll want one that offers protection if your pump breaks down.

Choosing a quality pressure washing brand means you can be sure your washer is made with the best parts and engines. Quality brands also offer warranties and spare part networks for problems that may arise under warranty.

Our Pick Of The Best Diesel Pressure Washers

 Crommelins Subaru 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer

Choosing a quality brand like a CDA means you are making a wise choice because they are known to produce some of the finest pressure washers. They pride themselves on using the best quality engines, components, and even parts/service.

 Jetwave Hornet Yanmar 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer

Jetwave is a company from Australia that sells robust industrial cleaning equipment, and their diesel pressure washer is no exception. Powered by an Yanmar L100 diesel electric start engine, this model delivers 3000psi pressure with a water flow rate of 15 litres per minute. What really sets this unit apart is the fact that it’s both efficient and durable, featuring direct injection technology for better fuel efficiency, low vibration and noise levels, and a fully welded and hot-dipped galvanised roll frame. This model also comes standard with a nationwide service agent network. What all these features would come at? A competitive price of $6500-$7000.

Diesel Pressure Washers from Jetwave Group

Looking for a high quality diesel pressure washer? Look no further than Jetwave Group. Our pressure washers are designed to tackle even the toughest jobs, making light work of even the most stubborn dirt and grime. Whether you’re cleaning your car, your deck or your patio, our pressure washers will make short work of it, leaving you with a sparkling clean result.