Everyone has their own unique name to play with however, you’d like for it to be more fun. Do you think you can alter your name’s color? On Clash Royale, do you wish to alter what color your names are? Doesn’t that sound interesting? This post will help you with the steps to complete this task!

Clash Royale is a huge hit. Clash Royale

Because Clash of Clans was so successful and lucrative, it was natural to expand into spin-offs that kept the same ambiance and introduced new gameplay.

This is the moment that Clash Royale stepped in and stunned mobile gamers to the ground with its familiar images and characters of Clash of Clans with a rapid-paced, more intense game.

Unique Gameplay Features

There are numerous unique aspects and gameplay elements that are part of the sport, one thing that is often overlooked by players is the option to change the colour of your name! This is the best location if you’re not certain what to do or you’ve forgotten!

Method of changing Colors The Name within Clash Royale

Here’s a step-by step guide with illustrations of how to change how your personal name appears on Clash Royale.

Before you are able to alter the color of your skin, you need to have at least the level of 4, so finishing the class is a good method to achieve this. These are the steps you should do once you’ve been approved.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and change the name.
  2. Click the three-lined button located in the upper right corner of the screen to reveal a menu with several choices. Click the ‘Settings’ tab within the pop-up window to access the area in which you can change the color of your name.
  3. If you want to have the color of your name, head to the Settings menu and choose Change Name. You can also enter the name in color after you’ve completed the initial tutorial within the game, in case you’re trying to create with a brand new account.
  4. the Change Name section

The option to change your name will appear in blue colour on the right after you have entered the settings. If you press this button, a pop-up notification will be displayed to inform that you may only change your name free of charge at a time.

The only way to do it is to purchase real money that will be converted into Gems that can then be used to purchase a different name change.

Then, a single update will cost 500 Gems that’s quite a sum of money to spend in the event that you’re not willing to pay for it – and it will increase as time passes, depending on the policy of the developers at the moment.

desired name and color within Clash Royaler

It’s a bit more complicated there, but it’s easy. You can pick from eight colors and each one has their own unique number.

After you’ve entered the name and code, the game asks you to enter it over again immediately. Enter the same name and number and then click Continue’ again.

Don’t be worried that your code appears in the bar with two instead of the standard c2>. It’s just a formatting error that is fixed, and your code is written correctly.

  • Draw your personal name (Your-Name) by using this form. XXX will be the color code that you would like to apply (there are eight colors total).

If you would like for your brand to be able to incorporate more colors, then format it like this: William

In the Nutshell

This concludes our guide to how to change the hue of the name you use on Clash Royale; we hope you’ve found this guide useful! The purpose of this feature in Clash Royale is to make your game more exciting and exciting by adding a new colors in your personal name. It will not only draw other players , but also it will make you feel like royalty!