CareCloud is the only medical software that provides the tools for driving your practice beyond standard medical care in retail and ecommerce. Although this function is not required for all guidelines but those looking for additional sources of income may find it helpful.

How will you set up CareCloud?

You can directly contact the company’s professional services team for training on CareCloud Charts. A CareCloud representative says that it usually takes customers 90 days to install new medical software fully; however, you may incur costs.

If you want to migrate from another EMR platform to CareCloud, this process comes with a price tag of up to $5,000. This high fee has remained unchanged from the previous year, but CareCloud has recently reduced its usage fee. This starts at $1,000 for medical software. However, even this price point can be a cost deterrent for smaller, budget-constrained practices. These companies do not charge additional setup fees. For RCMs, CareCloud setups start at $1,000 per provider. The exact price may depend on many variables. This includes special and monthly claims volumes. Generally, CareCloud prices may push smaller or lesser practices quickly beyond their limits.

How will the CareCloud adoption fees fall?

CareCloud adoption fees fall into three tiers – Essentials, Enhanced, and Enterprise, which are detailed below.

Essentials: Essentials is CareCloud’s $1,000 setup plan, including standard commercially available software configurations. Customization, templates, and data import services are not included. Although there is a preliminary call, you will also be enrolled in electronic data exchanges. CareCloud will also develop your interface with pharmacies and laboratories. The Essentials setup plan lacks direct training. However, it does come with access to CareCloud University, which is full of self-paced training materials. This also includes checking in with your account manager five days after you start using it.

Enhanced: For advanced settings, CareCloud charges a percentage of your collection. The exact percentage depends on the volume and value of your claims. With Enhanced, you get several customization features when you set up your system. CareCloud also provides guidance and training while taking care of your data import. 

Enterprise: Enterprise is CareCloud’s highest setting level. You will need to request a custom quote to see how much you will pay. Your money will provide you with a fully practical approach and consulting in your settings. In addition, you will have a fully customizable setup procedure.

Is customer service effective in CareCloud?

After you have set up your CareCloud medical software and completed your initial training, the company’s customer support team will still be accessible by phone, live chat, or help desk tickets. In interactions with the CareCloud customer support staff, they found that all of your questions were answered carefully and politely. In addition, CareCloud’s customer service team is always eager to answer emails and phone calls.

With the help of the CareCloud, you can set up a web store and manage your inventory. Offer sales and discounts and provide real-time delivery updates to customers if a customer doesn’t complete their purchase before leaving your ecommerce site? In addition, you can send them a notification to restore an abandoned cart.