The virtual private network (also referred to as a VPN is classified as a very shady or a security tool that only tech-savvy individuals or hackers utilize. But, in the current technological advancements VPNs have gained more recognition and are now being used by a variety of individuals for a variety of reasons.

VPNs come with a myriad of benefits, ranging from complete security when using a public Wi-Fi network to safeguarding your online activities. There are many advantages of using a VPN from home.

According to Redditors it’s essential to utilize the VPN when you’re at home. Your home network is most likely secured by Wi-Fi password. But, it is not enough to rely on your security. Passwords are easily guessed and even hacked. This is why you require a VPN to protect all of your online activities home.

If you’re in search of a VPN that you can use at your home, what better option than one that is a highly rated VPN from users on Redditors. If you’re in a hazy state, let’s explore the various reasons one should consider an VPN for home use:

The Reasons to use a VPN for home, as per Redditors

There are numerous reasons to make use of the virtual private network home. Although everyone on Redditors had their own experiences and opinions that they wanted to discuss, we have compiled some of the main reasons one should consider using the VPN at home

  • Be safe from the glare of ISPs:

You must be aware already that Internet service providers (ISPs) are able to observe and track everything you perform online. Many people think they can be assured that using HTTPS websites will shield them from being constantly monitored. If that’s the case too but you’re not, then you’re completely wrong.

Internet service providers keep track of every single thing you’re doing. The websites you’re browsing as well as the video you’re watching and downloading files and more. Actually, the internet privacy laws of the US permit ISPs to gather and even sell the data they collect.

To ensure that all your information is secure and private it is necessary to use to use a VPN service you can use from your home. This will block your ISP from spying on your internet connection and gathering your information.

The best solution is to buy the VPN that you can configure on your router at home. In this manner all your connections will be protected instead of just only one device.

  • You can enjoy geo-restricted online streaming at the comfort of your sofa:

The use of a VPN isn’t just about safeguarding yourself. It can also be used to have enjoyable using it. What? You can deblock any streaming service that is restricted in your area.

Confused? Not every streaming service is accessible all over the world. Let’s look at Hulu’s as an example. Hulu is a U.S.-based streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and content which include the well-known The Handmaid’s Tale. The only problem is that Hulu isn’t available elsewhere around the globe, with the exception to the US.

If you’re within Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or anywhere in between, you’ll be unable to view Hulu’s programming on a huge screen in your area without VPN. VPN.

  • Enhance security for your network when remote work:

You’ve probably seen on the web that attacks on the cyberspace were soaring during the epidemic. This is because workers were working remotely and logging into the network at work using unsafe connections.

This caused security breaches across the globe. The companies subsequently recognized the necessity of VPNs. To secure their entire networks from data leaks They also encouraged remote workers to utilize VPNs.

That’s the reason you should have a security system at home. With the ever-growing sophistication of cyberattacks, it is impossible to know when you could be next. Therefore, Covid or not, you must ensure that your network secured at all times.

  • Secure your device in the event of an open network:

If you are living in an apartment where your landlord provides Wi-Fi access for free as a reward for you and the other tenants within the building, you should know that, as the internet provider you use your landlord is also able to be able to monitor your things you’re doing over the internet.

Although free Wi-Fi might seem like something that you wouldn’t prefer to sacrifice but you can sign up to the VPN service and make use of it across all devices that are connected to the exact network. The VPN can add an additional layer of security to your connection and allow you to browse every website you want to access without any hassles.


The guide concludes covering all the reasons one should have the VPN services in their home. Not only do you require a VPN to remain secure and private however, you can purchase one to enjoy all geo-blocked sites that are not available within your region.

Please be aware that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest VPN service that you would like to use. Instead, you should go for the VPN suggested by Redditors to be safe at your home.