Flyers are used as a marketing tool to promote business and create brand awareness. At the same time, some people may argue about using flyers today as most of the marketing is done online. However, when used at the right locations, flyers can help businesses expand their reach and draw new customers to their stores. Giant Tiger in Canada use flyers to promote products and services and create brand awareness. Let us know the advantages of flyers for the promotion of any business. 

Flyers are easy to read.

Flyers are easy to read and save. Since a flyer is small and only a few lines long, its content and layout are easy to understand. Even if people see your marketing brochures once, they tend to remember your message well and act on it. Therefore, flyers ensure that your audience well receives your message. Plus, you don’t need to put the flyers in envelopes, increasing the chances of everyone seeing them.

Easy to design

One of the main advantages of flyers is that they are easy to design. You can make them more or less creative as per your requirements. Flyers like Giant Tiger flyers are easy to design as all you need is to choose a layout suitable for your message and add some customizations in the form of text and graphics.

Attractive and interactive

Direct marketing brochures are a very attractive marketing tool. Its compact design, colors, and large titles can easily attract attention.

Additionally, you can customize your flyers to make them more interactive. For example, suppose you want to distribute flyers at a specific location. In this case, you can include the address of the nearest branch in this field. Flyers help you draw more traffic to your store and increase conversions. Shopping Canada offers Canada weekly flyers for promotion of businesses locally and across the country. 

Flyers are Tangible

Unlike social media ads and online banners, flyers are tangible. It means your businesses can use them in any location where the advertisement is allowed. Flyers can be distributed at events and other places that attract a lot of crowds. Due to their tangible nature, flyers can be used in places where most of your potential consumers visit. 

Ideal for event promotions

Businesses can also use flyers for upcoming events, weekly ads and advertise products and services. These events include press meetings, product launches, new store openings, and more. Be sure to add all your event details and contact information to see the best results.


Flyer printing is inexpensive as several flyers can be produced at once. Additionally, if you want your flyers to endure longer, you may choose premium, higher-quality flyers by adding layer of lamination. Additionally, buying in bulk would allow you to run numerous campaigns for a long time without going over budget!


Flyer marketing strategy can be your best bet if you want to create brand awareness and increase sales in low cost.

Creating flyers does not require a lot of time, effort, and money. But the results they produce can easily outperform digital marketing channels. Giant Tiger flyers are being used by stores in Canada for promotion of their business and offers. 

Easily traceable

Tracking the performance of your campaigns and creating reports is crucial to improve your future campaigns and to keep track of all the elements used in advertising. For example, the flyers used today are much different from the ones used decades ago. Today, flyers can be easily tracked using QR codes, discount codes, pURLs, and flyer numbers. These trackable features allow businesses to track all responses and generate more leads.

Flyers are ideal for retail stores.

The first step while opening a new store is encouraging neighborhood residents to visit the store. To let the people know that you have a new store open nearby, you can opt to distribute flyers in the streets, housing areas, or vehicles. You may quickly introduce yourself to potential customers with the aid of flyers. The Giant Tiger flyer in Canada is one of the best examples of flyer marketing. 

Summing Up

Flyers have been used for creating brand awareness and advertising products and services for decades. Despite the use of digital marketing tools, flyers are still important for the marketing and promotion of businesses.