personal injury law firm Motorcycle accidents are quite common in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are approximately 3 million motorcycle accidents in the United States each year. Motorcyclists were also 26 times more likely than passengers to die in a motorcycle accident and six times more likely that they would sustain serious injuries.

These statistics prove how important it can be to have an attorney representing you when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. No matter if this is your first or second motorcycle accident, legal representation can ensure you get the support you need.

We’ll be discussing why it’s wise to consult an attorney following a motorbike accident, and the benefits that come with doing so.

Find Evidence and Investigate the Incident

A personal injury lawyer will usually offer the additional benefit of an investigator and gathering evidence for your case.

It can be difficult to investigate motorcycle crashes due to lack of evidence or information. An attorney has the experience and resources to investigate the accident and gather evidence that will support your case in court.

It may seem possible to investigate an accident by yourself. It is important to realize that you may not have access to any documents or evidence that could support your case. You don’t have to do this alone by hiring a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Document and Determine the Damages

An attorney is essential to represent you in any motorcycle accident. They can help to determine and document your damages.

A qualified attorney will first file an official complaint at the police station where the accident took place. A copy of the police report will be provided to them as well as any other pertinent information from the local authorities.

The attorney will then examine your injuries and take photographs of them for documentation. Finally, they will talk with you about the events at the scene. Your lawyer will discuss all options for prosecution and follow-up with any insurance companies, if necessary.

A qualified attorney can help you gather any relevant data, such as medical records, to build your case. They will also collect depositions from witnesses who may have been present at that time.

Negotiate Compensation From All Potential Sources

It is crucial that you seek legal counsel if you are involved in a motorcycle crash. You want to ensure you negotiate from a position where you have the most power. People often don’t realize they have the right of seeking compensation from every source.

You can file for reimbursement through both your insurance company or driver’s insurance, but you cannot exclude the possibility of seeking relief from the at-fault party.

An attorney can help you negotiate with insurance companies and get the best possible compensation for your injuries. Bunbury motor vehicle lawyers are experienced and can help you navigate these difficult situations.

Manage Settlement negotiations

An attorney is recommended if you were in a motorcycle accident. An experienced lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement and protect your rights. It can be overwhelming and confusing to negotiate a settlement by yourself.

An attorney can help you navigate the process and offer expert advice on how to negotiate with the other side. An experienced lawyer will make it more likely that you get a favorable settlement.

Initiate lawsuit when is Necessary

An attorney can represent you in a motorcycle accident. They will help you decide the best course of action. It can be advantageous to file a lawsuit if the other party is at fault but does not have sufficient insurance. Your attorney can tell you how long you have until the statute of limitations runs out and help you navigate through the process of bringing a case.

Even if there aren’t any injuries, legal representation may still be beneficial. The other driver may be driving recklessly and violating their license. They could also be accused of leaving the accident scene. Then, they could be charged with hit-and-run.

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Charge?

This question depends on how severe the accident was and how serious your injuries are. You can also get a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you decide if you are the right person for your case.

Lawyers generally do not charge hourly or upfront fees. Every attorney approaches their legal fees differently. However, the most common way to pay is through a contingent fee agreement. This agreement states that the lawyer will only receive their legal fees if they are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

The Bottom Line

Although motorcycles are fun and exciting, it is important to hire an attorney if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. It is important to have an attorney who understands the laws and your rights in motorcycle accident cases.

An attorney can help you understand the legalities of a motorcycle accident. They will also fight for your rights, especially regarding motorcycles.