Candles have two associations, the flame, and scent of course. The scents of candles keep evolving and growing. The candle culture has become more common in the last 10 years or so, where a wide variety of candles are available with a wide assortment of scents ranging from strawberry candles to old books scented candles and everything in between.

Candles can complement your mood with their diverse range of scents; every day is a new day, different days, different moods and different scents. Candles will not only fill your room pleasant odor but they will add a little edge to your bedroom. You can buy candles and candle stand that match the theme of your bedroom. Candelabras may add just a little vintage touch to your house or living room, adjust some scented candles on the candelabra of choice and let it shine.

Candles are not only meant to brighten up your candlelight dinners, but candles can also brighten your bedrooms, workspaces and your mood.

Artistic candles are unique as they have embedded poetry on it; you sit there watching it melt, inch by inch. Full of vibrant colors and patterns, these candles are so soothing.

Aromatic fever

The packaging of the candles need to sturdy and stiff to hold the candle in place; yet elegant, colorful and dazzling. Candle display boxes represent the candle itself; add life to plain candles and it totally depends on the manufacturer to design them. Display boxes come in a wide range of variety depending on the candles itself. For one-time smaller candles, the display boxes can fit around 12 to 24 candles. For larger scented candles, individual boxes are made or a pair of two candles. These stand out in the market because it feels like you’re paying for one getting two candles.

Candle boxes are marketing tools, candle boxes are made purposely beautiful so that more walk-in customers would buy them out of the blue. As per insiders candles are the most brought accessory of all time; they are reasonable, colorful and well fragrant.

Manufacturer’s guide 

Making your product stand out in a world so competitive is a hassle with the candle business accelerating yearly. Manufacturers have a hard time deciding designs for the packaging and coming up with new scents to complement your pallet. I mean, we already fragrances from chocolate cookies to gasoline scented candles and everything in between.

A manufacturer’s guide to display boxes:

  • Use eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly candles should come in eco-friendly display boxes. Taking care of our environment should be our number one priority. A lot of companies have been raising awareness for eco-friendly packaging. For the sake of environmentally friendly display boxes, the use of glass display boxes can be great. Glass candle boxes are recyclable and reusable; making them perfect for the environment.
  • Having a special display for those who have signed up for the monthly subscription. A special box for monthly subscriptions can excite the customers as well as the retailers.
  • Movie inspiration display boxes. This is perfect for those who share a great interest in movies and series. Every movie enthusiast wants some sort of merchandise and for people who love candles, this is a plus point. If you can’t customize the candles up to the movie, you can defiantly customize the display boxes.
  • Choosing elegant fonts for the display boxes to make them look classy. As thanks to technology we can now easily print fonts in seconds. This way you can give your customers the leverage to customize display boxes on the go.
  • Season and traditional display boxes. You hear Christmas bells? It is the perfect season to put up with yearly revenue and decorate display boxes related to Christmas themes. Red ribbons and mini bells go really well with candy cane striped candles décor; the candles can also candy cane flavored, aromatic for the season. When we talk about season and festivals, Easter should absolutely be considered. Easter is full of colors and patterns and following the theme of Easter, display boxes can make them look gorgeous.


Customization lets you have a hold of what you want when it comes to candles. A great way to get your imagination on paper is through designing your own display boxes. Customizable candle boxes let you have your imaginations in hand allows you to be more creative.

Customizations can be done in many forms yet the most common form is printing, carving, embroidery and glass designs.

The vast majority prints a lot of things on daily basis and now let’s prints paper display boxes. Printed candle boxes are available at most retail stores but they might charge a little extra for that.

Most printed and customizable products can be available at wholesale prices. Wholesale candle boxes are the deal breakers. A lot of customization can be done with wholesale products, adjustments can be made, customizations can be done and most of all these things come for cheap. If cheap is what you are looking for then wholesale candle boxes are what you should be going for. They are super affordable yet these elegant boxes will just add a little edge to your living room and fill your living room with aromatic memories.


Candles are the best way to spice up your décor and to add a little edge to your living room, what complements candles more is the packaging. Packaging is what attracts the customers including myself. So it’s time to think outside the box and make the best of it. Keep buying and designing candles. Stay creative, aromatic, colorful and elegant!