Both ACCA and AAT are hands down the top choices within the field of accountancy, which makes it all the more difficult to make up your mind when it comes to opting for either one. If you have been looking to make your mark in the field of accountancy, then deciding on the best accountancy qualification can take up a boatload of time in conducting research.

We have curated this article to help you narrow down the career prospects and overall learning outcomes of both ACCA and AAT to help assist you to figure out the one programme that is best suited to your lifestyle and career aspirations. This will not only aid the process of advancing your finance career but also assist you in kick-starting a lucrative job role.

Keep reading find out the details about the model structure of both ACCA and AAT and find a better route for the preparation of your professional journey. Choose to study ACCA today from London and take control of your future, right from the comfort of your home!

AAT qualification

The association of accounting technicians (AAT) is a globally recognised qualification that allows candidates to showcase ethical conduct and professional competence within the financial realm. By the time you have completed this programme, you will have gained a fair amount of finance experience which can set you up for a senior role and eventually build a solid foundation for landing a job as a fully certified accounting technician.

ACCA qualification

The association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) certification will help you learn about the diverse array of up-to-date accounting tools, practices and standards. Preparing for your ACCA examination from the UK will make it easier for you to choose between the different levels of ACCA preparation there are available for international candidates and build on the skills acquired and knowledge gained as part of your previous work experience or undergraduate study.

Still, confused about which is better ACCA or AAT?

Both ACCA and AAT offer you the same support, flexibility and affordability, the type, of course, you would want to invest your time and money in depends on your personal goals for the advancement of your budding finance career.

Adding an ACCA qualification to your resume will enable you to demonstrate the fundamental skills required to take up highly sought-after job roles in the market. This can provide you with the perfect getaway to land entry to mid-level accounting rules or even establish a start-up.

Preparing for the upcoming ACCA examination will take you closer to becoming associated with an international accountancy body, and is also helpful in becoming a chartered accountant or acquiring a senior management role in your current company. To conclude, no matter the type of online accountancy qualification you choose to pursue be it ACCA or AAT, you can never really go wrong with the direction you’re heading on your professional journey!

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