There has been a curiosity flying around regarding why pizza boxes are made in a rectangular shape than a square. Numerous people claim to say that there will be less waste material when it comes to making pizza boxes round. However, it is actually the opposite. There is less use of materials when you are going to be making a square pizza box rather than a circle one. That is because you are going to be cutting out the circle from a rectangular piece of material and you will throw away the edges once you have carved it out.

Therefore, you are going to be wasting more material for a circle pizza box. This is not appreciable in society because there have been efforts made to reduce waste and recycle more. Moreover, a round pizza box requires you to cut two main surfaces shaped in a circle which means that you are doubling up the pile of waste. This might not seem to trouble some people but the tricky part is getting the vertical edge. Rounded edges are a lot harder to work with because if you are going to be using cardboard or any other material, you will need to smooth it out. Read More..

Disapproval of customers on round boxes

Another reason why pizza boxes round are disliked is that they are not environmentally friendly. There are strategies made by different companies in reducing waste and by carving out a circle, there is more waste produced. Moreover, manufacturing rectangular boxes in the packaging industry is much cheaper and easier. Not just that but, a square box is also easy to assemble. You can always create flaps and store them in a tight place. Then you can always use them whenever you are going to be delivering pizza.

Moreover, it has the best presentation. Usually, when it comes to custom pizza boxesadding details and information is important. Even though you will be getting what you ordered, the packaging is still an important aspect of a brand. This is the only way how they can create a good impression by printing their brand name and logo on it. Therefore, if you are going to be considering round pizza boxes, then you will not be able to showcase your brand name and logo on them. That is because there will be less space and everything will not fit perfectly.

The hardships with round boxes

The shape can be appealing to some but in most cases, it will look odd which can be a reason why customers do not purchase your pizza. Not just that but, the shape itself is not durable even if you are making it from a strong source. It has more chances of failing to protect your pizza. There can be numerous reasons for that. The biggest one is that the box will not have the right width size to ensure that the pizza can sit properly. Hence, it is best to stick with rectangular or square shapes boxes when it comes to pizzas.

Why Square Box for Round Pizza?

A round pizza is incomplete without a round box! This may seem strange to you, but it is important.

  • It is much easier to make square boxes, as you only need one piece of cardboard. Round boxes require a few pieces.
  • A single piece of cardboard gets flat so that boxes take up less room during storage.
  • Flat packing, stacking and less movement make shipping easier and more affordable.
  • Flat edges prevent square boxes from falling.
  • A circular box is the same size as a rectangular one, so there’s no space-saving improvement.
  • Because they are more common, it is cheaper to make square boxes. Also, you don’t have to produce them individually.
  • For everything, we use square boxes. A shoe box, a cereal container.

Square boxes are more efficient and cost-effective than making pizza boxes round. They also work better logistically. Because of the problems caused by the round edges, a circular box cannot be easily made from one sheet of cardboard. This means that it requires multiple pieces of cardboard, joining parts, or advanced production. This just means that it will cost more to produce.

Technical Advantage

A square box is made from one piece of cardboard and is flattened when not in use. Being transported or stored. A foldable box is less bulky than one that is for stacking, so it’s easier to ship and store. If the box is of multiple pieces, you won’t be able to get this benefit. Square boxes are easy to stack because they have the same edges as round boxes. Because circular boxes are not as compact, they can be moved around in transit. Because circular boxes are the same width and length, they still take up the same space. They have more problems but have no space-saving improvements.

Pizzas can stay on shelves or in the freezer at grocery stores. They fit more neatly and efficiently when they are square. They can also stand on the shelf without falling. If you think about it square or rectangular boxes are the most common for all things. We rarely have a container that fits the contents. Shoes are placed in boxes, cereal is in boxes. Straight angles make it easier to ship and store. Straight-edge boxes are usually by custom box packaging makers to be ‘one-size fits all’. Anything bespoke will always cost more. This explains why pizza boxes don’t come in circular shapes.

Why not a square pizza for square box?

It is much easier to make a round pizza from the dough ball to its stretching. This is a well-known and trusted tradition. It is possible to argue that making pizza boxes round would prove more difficult than a rectangular box, so a round pizza can be easier to eat. It’s always fun to see things from a different perspective and no doubt people do enjoy it. It’s in the nature of people to like positive change no matter what item it is.