There is a sense of curiosity in every person which makes them wonder who sees their Twitter profile and regularly checks for any update about your profile. If you are thinking about who viewed my Twitter and look for any updates regularly and search about the same on the internet then, you look may find some browser extensions and information about different services that claim that they will help with that. But, let me tell you that this is impossible. 

Use of Browsers and Extensions

There is no way in which you will get complete information about the profiles that are looking at your profile regularly and tracks all the details. You will get many browser extensions and plug-ins that will say that they can do the function but it is nearly impossible to do that because Twitter has no service with which you can do the same. If a plug-in claim that they will help with Can I see who looks into my twitter then, most probably the service is fake and can harm your computer or device. These extensions also work to steal the data from your Twitter account so, we recommend that you should not use the extensions. 

Twitter Analytics

if you are still interested in looking for some information about the profiles who are looking at your account then, you can use the Twitter Analytics page but that page will not give you any certain information. You will not get any completed and discreet information about who is viewing my twitter account. This page will only give you the number of counts and tweets you have made in the last month or how many people have seen your tweets. They will not tell you the names of the profiles that have seen the tweets and visited your account. So, there is actually no way in which you can find this info.