there is a rare chance, but the police may receive a call saying “Please come to the police station  and receive an investigation regarding illegal use of the Toto site” In this case, you should postpone the schedule as much as possible under various excuses.

The main reason for this contact is to track and arrest the Toto site.

This is because, under  the basis of illegal gambling on participants, imprisonment for not more than 5 years and a fine of not more than 50 million won can be imposed.

In any case, if you do not respond to the attendance and give reasons related to personal circumstances and postpone it as much as possible; the preliminary investigation is often ended in a state of chaos.

However, if the continuous demand for attendance and the investigator even make a direct visit, an investigation is inevitable. Here are some tips for this situation. The most important thing is not to be afraid and attend attendance, but before that, you can minimize the fine if you fill out and submit a reflection letter meticulously + meticulously and carefully.

Most of the punishment for those who use illegal private gambling sites is the maximum penalty for small users or first-time offenders. And you don’t have to worry too much because the punishment record disappears after two years. However, this does not mean that the record will be permanently deleted, and if you wish to work in a public company or public institution, you may have to submit a crime certificate.

If a private Toto site is discovered, you will inevitably suffer damage.

If you use a private site, there may be situations in which you will be contacted by the police as described above in exceptional cases. A typical reason is when the 사설토토 was arrested.

When the police arrest a site while conducting an investigation, experts in each field do their best to investigate the illegal Toto site. It takes a long time and considerable effort to arrest the site, and from the point of view of the user, it is not known whether the site is the subject of investigation or arrest. Here are the most important considerations to avoid spying and to keep yourself safe.

Most sites operate with dynamic IPs and servers from overseas. It is built to avoid the domestic investigation network as much as possible. As such, when choosing a site in the first place, it is important to check how well the playground you plan to use is secure. In addition, we recommend that you check in advance how the company operates, how long it has been operating, and whether the deposit and withdrawal accounts are frequently changed, and then find a place where everything has been verified.

Of course, a place that has just opened has no know-how and is very vulnerable to security because the operating system is not properly established. Therefore, we are actively recommending to all members who inquire through Sure man in the hope that they will use only major playgrounds that have been proven safe and free from slaughter.

Only the Sure man Safe Playground

 that meets the conditions of whether the change cycle and operating system of the deposit and withdrawal accounts are well equipped, the company’s experience and know-how, server security level, and strong Dodos defense can protect the betting environment of bettors like a safe bettor. . We strongly recommend that you use the safe playground guaranteed by Sure man before joining the site.

Also, before you sign up for a site, be sure to read the useful information category on how to identify scam sites, and check the strengths of the sites you want to use among the major playgrounds that Sure man prides itself on before using.