The increasing competition in the market has made it essential for the retailers to do everything it takes to stay in the eyes of the customers. They need to adopt the best marketing strategies, keep the product quality premium, and cater to evolving customer requirements. This way, they can attract new customers and retain the existing ones to keep the business afloat and multiply the sales and revenue. One of the best strategies is to give alluring deals to the consumers that let them shop at a reduced price. 

Gone are the days when the only way to offer discounts was to start a sale. These days, you can opt for the best cashback offers, discount coupons, deals that offer the product at a sale price but benefit the merchant and the consumer alike. The two most popular ways are cashback or discounts.  

Let us dig deeper and discuss which of these ways is more effective and yielding for retailers. 

Brief about Cashback and Discounts


It is a reward that consumer gets on placing an order and paying through the app. Once the transaction completes, the amount gets reflected in the wallet. Almost every app offers these rewards when the total invoice value is a certain amount. However, you can also find platforms that give assured cashback on every purchase.


A retailer can offer discounts in multiple ways. Sales or deals that a brand or business announces beforehand is called a discount. It is not something that you get to know after making a purchase with scan QR code. Instead, you will have all the information and plan your shopping accordingly. 

Now you know the basics of cashback and discounts. Let us see which option is better for the retailers. 

Cashback or Discount, which one is better? 

The answer to this question is simple; the best cashback offers are any day better than every other discount type that a retailer can announce. Some of the perks that this strategy offers are listed below. 

Assured Purchase

A customer gets cashback on making a successful purchase and paying online. Moreover, there is no fixed cap on what amount they need to shop to get the reward. Thus, the customer is more likely to purchase as there will be no pressure on how much they have to spend. Therefore, they can go for trivial purchases, and once they get an assurance of the app’s functionality, they are likely to stick with you for further purchases.

Recurring Buyer

Once the consumers get cashback on a few orders, they would obviously want to use that reward. To use the points, they will shop again, and the circle continues. On top of that, if your product quality is premium, the customer will also recommend you to other people. It will multiply your sales score and will reflect in your revenue eventually. 

Brand Value

When the consumers know that a retailer offers significant cashback rewards on every purchase, their trust and inclination increase. This strategy helps in raising the market credibility of the brand instantly. Most of the customers prefer making online payments these days. Thus, they will all not hesitate to buy your products if your brand holds an excellent market position. 

The list of benefits that the best cashback offers can give is countless. Every retailer should opt for this reward option. They should offer alluring deals to their customers and gain confidence, making them shop more often. They can switch to a UPI shopping app, partner with them to list on the platform, and offer cashback rewards through them. Choice of the app matters a lot, so it is vital to do thorough research and find the best option to ripe the benefits listed above.