Before you purchase a cellphone, one thing you need to consider is the team’s devaluation. This is the percentage of its value that it will lose over time. It will be helpful to you to know this: According to Bankmycellplatform, which compares the prices of used phones. This is the list of phone brands that have been most devalued.

  • Samsung: 39.17%
  • one plus: 36.31%
  • Motorola: 34.83%
  • LG: 34.61%
  • google-pixel: 32.46%
  • iPhone: 21.93%

This data covers the period 2021-2022 and is based upon the analysis of multiple market providers that are dedicated to selling second-hand smartphones. The iPhone is the mobile phone brand with the lowest value. A cell phone Android is twice as valuable as an iPhone.

An iPhone loses an average of 33.95% over three years compared to its launch price. Android phones lose 67.87%.

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If you are only looking at second-hand Android phones or iOS devices, and they have a purchase price greater than 14000 pesos, Apple devices will depreciate on average 14.80% per annum; Android devices, however, will lose their value at an annual rate 34.18%. This means that an Android device’s initial value will drop by 78.94% after four years. Their value will decrease by 47.49% for iOS phones.

If we consider Android phones that cost 8000 pesos on average, then the results show that their value would drop by nearly 60% within 24 months. They will lose an average of 41.82% in the first year, 58.84% in the second year, 71.57% at year end, and finally 87.83% at year four.

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Finally, if you want to see all the results of the 2021-2022 Phone Depreciation Report published by Bankmycellyou can do it by entering this site: (

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