Nashville is a city that is famous for the brilliant firework extravaganza that it throws. The firework event in Nashville is one of the best in the entire south as it is a wonderful event of the whole day which includes musical concerts that can be enjoyed for free. There are different things to do in Nashville on July 4 which is the day reserved for the firework festival in the city. The entire downtown area of Nashville is centered around this event when it happens in July and it attracts a large gathering of people who look for the best spots from where they can enjoy this beautiful, magical and heavenly firework show. The entire day you can enjoy different festivities and activities in the city that you can enjoy along with a brilliant musical performance from the Nashville symphony.

So here in this guide, you will get to know about the best spots where you can watch the firework show that will give you an out-of-the-world experience. 

Best Places to watch Nashville firework show from

Riverfront park

One of the best locations of the entire Nashville, the Riverfront Park is surrounded by all of the different things that Nashville has to offer. The Riverfront Park is surrounded by trendy bars, beautiful and aesthetic restaurants, and shopping areas. If you get a spot in or around the park then, let me tell you that you will get the best experience of watching the mesmerizing firework show. 

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Cruising the Cumberland River

Another place to watch the fireworks downtown Nashville has to offer is from a watercraft on the Cumberland River. What is better than cruising a river and watching the best firework show in the entire south of the country. If you do not own a watercraft then, there are tickets for the Showboat present on the Cumberland river that you can buy.

East park

This beautiful park pf Nashville is also a very popular spot form where you can see the colorful show of fireworks. The park has a playground where you can allow your kids to play without getting hurt as well as enjoy a picnic during the day. The park also becomes the host of the Hot Chicken Festival on the same day that you can enjoy too along with the fireworks.  

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Adventure Science center

This amazing science center is located in downtown Nashville where there are different activities for kids as well as adults. You can enjoy your day in the adventure Science center and then see the firework show from the parking which is free for all vehicles. If you are interested in science then, this might be the place for you.

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Parking garages of Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities

The best place for all the university students of Nashville to watch the show is from the parking lots rather than going to any other place. The elevated parking lots of these universities give a very wonderful show which is very soothing and peaceful.

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