Let’s say it aloud: trampolines are fun. And they are fun for everyone, including adults, which is exactly why the adult trampoline industry and options are more vast than ever before. Yet, we all want to get it at the best price, right? No one wants to pay more than it is necessary.

We want to help you find the backyard trampoline of your dreams by:

  • Telling where and how you can get deals and discounts
  • Letting you know why this is the best time to buy
  • Discuss about warranties, financing options as well as loyalty programs

Are you ready to snatch those deals? We certainly are.

Where and how to find deals for adult trampolines?

There are several ways to save on trampolines. These are the most popular ones:

  • Sign up for a newsletter. All trampoline brands provide newsletter-only deals for their subscribers; this is an amazing way to find items on sale throughout the year.
  • Sign up for Black Friday deals. Some companies have a year-around sign up possibility. Make sure to sign up for exclusive deals before they get published on the website.
  • Remember smaller holidays (thanksgiving, Valentine’s, Easter… you name it). While the discounts are not as high as they are during the Black Week, they still can be quite impressive.
  • Follow trampoline influencers. Many manufacturers collaborate with influencers and some even have brand ambassadors that may have exclusive affiliate deals for trampolines.
  • Buy in a bundle. Whenever possible, it only makes sense to buy in a bundle, especially if you want to get extra accessories to your adult trampoline. 

Why 2023 is the Year to Buy

The times are tough, we all know that. We have to consider our purchases more than ever before and think about what matters. What is good (for us consumers) is that trampoline manufacturers are also in a tough situation, meaning that they are offering better and better sales and deals to turn potential buyers into actual buyers. This is the time to find various bundle deals as well as pure discounts of 10, 20 or even up to 30% of the original price! Sometimes, on rare occasions, you may save up even more on some adult trampolines. 

So, the current economic situation may play in your favor. Another great reason for purchasing a trampoline right now is that there’s just so much competition overall within the trampoline industry. Many newcomers are trying to snatch their share while the big ones are focusing on mastering their trampoline through rigorous research and development. Thus, you are not only getting the best deals, but also the best products. 

Then, finally, there’s also a more wholesome reason to consider. During COVID, trampolines were selling like hot cakes. And why is that? Because people needed activities to do at home and spend time together as a family. While the pandemic was tough, it also showed how important it is to spend quality time with family and friends. A trampoline is an ideal equipment for that! A trampoline for adults is also suitable for kids, meaning that it can bring everyone together to create meaningful memories. 

Online vs In-Store: The Pros and Cons

There are two ways to purchase an adult trampoline. But which one is better and what are the pros and cons? It’s time to find out. 

Trusted Online Retailers

Shopping online is the key when it comes to adult trampolines. The selection is huge, and you can compare and contrast various models easily with each other. There are budget friendly, mid-range and premium options, all of which have trampoline deals available. 

The classic options for purchasing a trampoline are to do so via Amazon, Walmart or other similar online marketplace. The benefit of them is in that you can see different brands and manufacturers all in one place. However, this is not the way to get the best price on backyard trampolines. Instead, we highly suggest purchasing directly from trampoline manufacturers’ online stores.

Here are some well recognized brands that have trampolines for adults for sale:

  • us.acon24.com – known for their super high single user weight limit, heavy frame and high net, ACON’s trampolines are a hit among adults.
  • jumpflex.com/ – a quirky alternative to many backyard trampolines for adults. Fresh design and good value for money. 
  • jumpsport.com/ – a fitness rebounder manufacturer with tons of rebounder deals. Subscribing to their newsletter is highly recommended to get the best price. 

Naturally, other manufacturers have great options as well. Do your own research and find what fits best for you.

Local Stores and Specialty Shops

In all honesty, we rave about the trusted online stores. Local brick and mortar specialty shops can be found few and far between, and they usually are stores that sell inexpensive trampolines with poor quality that are not suitable for adults at all. These can be found at locations such as Walmart. 

However, if you end up living close to the manufacturer’s warehouse, you may be able to actually visit the warehouse and purchase your trampoline there, in which case you are guaranteed to get personalized and knowledgeable service. Remember, however, that it is highly unlikely to get the items at a discounted price this way. So, if you want to get your backyard trampoline for adults for a fraction of the original price, we recommend sticking to online retailers. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Explain the importance of warranties in ensuring product quality and longevity.

Discuss what consumers should look for in a trampoline warranty, including coverage periods and conditions.

It’s easy to get sucked into the deal without checking the fine print. This is a HUGE mistake! Warranties and guarantees can be your savior if something goes wrong. If the manufacturer is well-recognized, like ones in our list, it is unlikely to happen, but still. You need a good warranty! 

When reading the fine print, focus on the following things: 

  • Warranty period: how long the warranty lasts? Does it vary from part to part? This is very common as various trampoline parts wear differently. (e.g. frame vs net)
  • Exclusions and limitations: are certain parts excluded from the warranty? 
  • Marketing gimmicks: is the manufacturer trying to sell the product with empty promises? Some manufacturers may say that they have a lifetime warranty, but in reality it does not cover any general wear and tear from use, making the warranty actually more limited compared to those who provide a set period of time

Opting for a trampoline deal that has a good warranty can save you money in the long run. Not only are you getting the trampoline cheaper compared to its actual price, but you are also getting a guarantee that if something goes wrong within that period, you may get a new trampoline part to replace it. 

Financing Options

While the best trampoline deals save several hundreds of dollars at best, a trampoline for adults may be a costly purchase even after finding that sweet deal! Using the credit card to split the costs over a few months may be something to opt for. 

Knowing this, many manufacturers have started to offer various financing options for their products, the most popular ones being buy now, pay later services, such as Klarna, ShopPay and Affirm. These services have become popular especially among those who are looking for a premium trampoline product costing several thousand dollars. 

Depending on the service, the interest rates and fees may vary greatly, which is why you should do your research before making the purchase with a BNPL service. Responsible manufacturers and brands are able to help you with questions regarding the payment services they provide, so do not hesitate to contact their customer support. 

Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Now, this is a less popular way to save on the trampoline, but it still is possible. Some manufacturers, especially those who do fitness rebounders, have special loyalty programs that you can sign up for. While they rarely save you money on your first purchase, you can get discounts on accessories and spare parts as well as training programs through programs. 

Coupons are another fun way to save some dollars on your purchase. The easiest way to find them is by using a coupon app that crawls through the internet and tries various coupons for you. Other ways include: 

  • Scrolling through trampoline related forums / discussion boards
  • Taking a look at the description boxes of online trampoline reviews
  • Getting a referral from someone who has already purchased a trampoline from that given brand

What’s stopping you from getting that trampoline?

As said, this is the best time to invest in a trampoline. Start hunting for the best deals and comparing various trampolines for adults for sale. Fun experiences and thrilling exercises are just a leap away.