The story about Pam follows the murder of Betsy Faria, 2011. In particular, the implication that a person is Pam Hupp (played here by Rene Zellweger).

Pam was a key witness against Betsy’s husband Russ. He was wrongfully convicted in November 2013 of her murder, but it was overturned in 2015.

Mark, Pam’s husband has been supportive throughout this time and he is portrayed by Sean Bridgers on the true crime drama.

Here are the facts about Mark and his current position.

Mark Hupp, Pam Hupp’s husband is now missing.

Pam met Mark shortly after she divorced her first husband. Pam had been married to Mark for six years. According to a report by the Missouri publication Magazine Saint Louis, Pam met Mark.

According to the publication, Mark was a minor-league baseball player for Texas Rangers. He then became a carpenter when he wasn’t drafted.

In 1989, Travis was born to the couple. According to the publication, Pam had already had a daughter named Sarah from her first marriage and the family moved to Naples in Florida.

Also, it was reported that Pam and Mark returned to O’Fallon with their families in 2001. There, the former got a job at State Farm and met Betsy the first time.

Mark stood by Betsy after her murder and even testified before the court when Betsy’s daughters Leah Day and Mariah Day sued Pam for their mother’s life-insurance policy.

Pam had previously testified that Betsy made Betsy the beneficiary of her life insurance in order to make sure her daughters got the money, which she did. Mariah and Leah sued her.

Mark stated that his wife had not told him why Betsy named Pam as the beneficiary of her $150,000 insurance policy during the May 2015 deposition.

He also spoke about their finances and court documents show that he testified to the fact that they had made several home purchases after receiving the money.

Betsy’s daughters lost the case after the court ruled Pam “made no binding promise to the plaintiffs’ late mother” about the money. It also stated that “the plaintiffs failed to meet their burden of proof to prove either constructive fraud, or unjust enrichment.”

Pam killed Louis Gumpenberger in 2016 after he tried to force her into returning $150,000 of her insurance. He was also a burglar who wanted to make her look like Betsy, Dateline reported.

A police investigation revealed that Gumpenberger was not the victim. Instead, Pam lured Gumpenberger into her home by pretending to produce Dateline and then set it up.

Pam pleaded Alford on Gumpenberger’s murder trial. This allowed her to avoid death row. She also admitted that the police had sufficient evidence to convict her, but she did not admit guilt. She was sentenced to life imprisonment

According to a KSDK report, Mark filed for divorce in October 2020 from Pam. He claimed that their marriage was “irretrievably fractured”.

According to the publication, court documents state that “there is no reasonable probability that the parties’ marital relationship can be preserved” and that, as such, the marriage has been irretrievably ended.

He stated that Pam and Mark were separated from each other since August 23, 2016, when Pam, in connection to the Gumpenberger matter, was arrested.

Pam was accused of Betsy’s death in July 2021. She pleaded not guilt and the case is continuing. Mark has been quiet since their divorce.