While working, pop-ups can be always annoying. If you’re focusing on your work the pop-ups will appear and can cause distractions. When you use your PC there are a myriad of alerts and pop-ups. Certain pop-ups can be beneficial, while others are not needed. If you wish to work on your computer without interruption you can turn off the pop-ups.

Enable pop-ups from Chrome

Your browser typically sends you a number of notifications. If you don’t want be notified, then you can turn them off.

  1. Start the Chrome browser
  2. Click at the 3 dots, and the menu for Chrome will be displayed.
  3. Go to the panel on the left, and then select Privacy and Security
  4. Scroll down and click on Site settings.
  5. Select Pop-ups and redirects from the options
  6. There will be an option to toggle it off
  7. Once you disable the switch, you will not receive any messages from Chrome.

Remove antivirus notifications.

It is vital to secure your device from threats of all kinds. There are many types of threats that could damage the computer. The antivirus protects your device from such dangers and allows you to perform your work with confidence. If the antivirus is able to detect a virus, it instantly sends you a message. Your antivirus might provide you with several notifications per day. If these notifications bother you, you should turn them off.

How do I stop Malwarebytes pop-ups?

  1. Connect to your computer and tap the area of notification
  2. Select Malwarebytes. Click on the Malwarebytes icon
  3. Malwarebytes dashboard will be displayed
  4. Click on the Settings option.
  5. Click the Application tab and make sure to check the Notify Me option.
  6. Switch the switch off
  7. Then, go to the notifications option, and toggle the switch to turn off notifications.

You may also look at other tabs and their notifications option. After you disable it, you won’t get a notification by your antivirus. But, you shouldn’t completely disable the notifications. Many pop-ups are required to ensure security of your system.

Do not visit sites that are not secure.

Most of the time, you will receive notifications when you use unsecure websites. Many people use these websites to watch films or to access tools. You can stream movies or access tools through these sites for no cost. But, it could be harmful to your system. When you visit these websites you might have seen false pop-ups claiming that your computer is infected with viruses. If you click on these pop-ups, malware infects your system and causes a lot of damage. Don’t click on any pop-ups while browsing unsecure websites. If you do not want to be notified of pop-ups from these sites, do not visit third-party websites. Always visit secure sites from your mobile device.

Make use of a firewall

A firewall is an excellent instrument to guard your device. When you surf the web there are a variety of notifications that are not needed. A lot of these pop-ups are suspect. To block these notifications from happening, you can install a firewall. Your firewall will block every incoming message. After you’ve installed the firewall, you’ll only see the necessary pop-ups that are available on your system.

Update notifications

Your system notifies you every time a new update to the OS is released. It is essential to update the OS is required to install the patch fixes. If the update is available you must install it. If you are unable to update the OS due to a reason, you may disable the pop-up. In the event that you don’t, you’ll see the pop-up each when you start the system.

  1. Start the page for settings.
  2. Visit the Update and Security
  3. Hit Windows Update and hit on Advanced option.
  4. Scroll down to select the Update notification option.

Switch the switch to Off. Then you will not receive the restart and update notifications. The option to disable update notifications is not an ideal option. The most effective way to stay clear of the notification of updates is to installing the update. If you get an update notification you should install the update and then you can continue working comfortably.

Utilize the game mode

Gaming mode lets you play games or do tasks that require more expertise. If you select Gaming mode a lot of the background applications that are not needed cease to function. This means that your game or project will get additional RAM cycle. When you play games with full screen, this mode immediately shuts down all notifications. There will be no pop-ups until you’re working in full screen. Gaming mode is accessible on a variety of devices. It is possible to enable it and enjoy your work without interruption. If your device doesn’t support gaming mode, you can download it on the internet and then run this on the device you’re using.