Huge Elephants

The Huge Titan is a character in the Manga Anime series known as Attack on Titan (AOT). It’s also known as “ colossal Goliath.” The huge Goliath is one of the nine elephants and serves as the primary villain of the first three series of Attack on Titan. It’s known for its gigantic size and absolute control over brume emigration.

The Huge Goliath emits brume through its body as well as exercises control over blast during metamorphosis. Ever, the colossal Goliath first surfaced in the time 845. Capacities/ Characteristics of Huge Titan or Colossal Titan

The huge Goliath has inconceivable capacities and characteristics. Let’s look at them one after the other.

Steam Emission

As stated before, the colossal Goliath has absolute control over the amounts of brume that its Goliath form could emit. Generally, utmost Elephants induce brume through injuries. Their bodies decimate and turn into brume after entering a deathly blow. The huge Titan could induce as important brume as possible to scarify people down from its nape.

The huge Titan can use brume- emitting power in multitudinous ways. First, the pressure and intensity that comes from producing a significant quantum of brume can burn and drive off any existent in propinquity to the Huge Titan that isn’t set in place.

Still, if the Colossal Titan is attached to an individual, the heat will sear them at the Titan’s mercy.

In the real sense of it, the overexertion of this capability harms the Titan. For case, it can reduce muscle mass until its cadaverous structure becomes prominent.

In special circumstances, the Huge Titan could decimate its entire body at a go and evaporate incontinently. Ever, the stoner becomes ineluctably vulnerable with no means to guard against a fall from a high altitude where the Titan formerly was. Still, the stoner can assuage this disadvantage by slipping an Omni-directional gear (ODM gear). The gear drives excellent mobility when facing the Titan during combat

An excellent illustration is after the Huge Titan showed up in Trost. It released a significant quantum of brume to repel Jaeger from its nape.

Explosive Transformation

Do you be to know? Indeed however all Elephants produce large amounts of brume and energy, the Huge Titan has upgraded. That’s to say, it can wangle the energy generated in the course of metamorphosis to produce colorful goods.

For illustration, when Bertholdt brazened Trost, his metamorphosis generated a wind blast. The blast threw some pimps over the wall.

Still, Bertholdt produced a volume of energy similar to a small nuclear device during combat at Shiganshina District. The energy eviscerated a portion of the quarter and set the surroundings ablaze. It killed a massive number of Scout Regiment officers.

Ever, the metamorphosis also created a large mushroom, debris, and dust. Arielt employed the explosive metamorphosis to clean nearly all the Marleyan nonmilitary line at Liberio in a dangerous explosion. The action produced energy swells and damaged the harborage.


The Huge Titan is notorious for its magnific size. It’s sixty measures high enough to study over the top of the Walls. Its molecular weight allows it to have massive physical strength. But the real point is that its large size steadies its movements. That’s to say, it moves rather sluggishly.

Still, the Huge Titan is strong enough to devastate the external gate of the Wall Maria with a nippy kick. It can throw the entire structures in the air as it allowed Eren Yeager to glide from the tip of the Wall Maria.

What’s more? The size of the Colossal Titan’s arms isn’t akin to the rest of its body. In this case, it means that compared to the lower part of its body, its upper part has lower strength.

Armin also utilizes the Huge Titan’s immense size and strength to destroy the Marleyan vessels by stamping on them after his metamorphosis.

How Did Rod Reiss have a Huge Titan Form?

Rod Reiss is also known as “ Lord Reiss.” He was the monarch of the Walls from the time 845 to 850. In the real sense of it, Rod’s primary thing was to return a stolen Titan to his family. He intended to achieve this by icing that his son (Historia) eat Eren Yeager.

Mortal Form

As Historia, Rod was a petite person. But compared to Historia, he’d short black hair. Rod was also slightly fat.

Rod was always attired in the clothes of a prominent figure. Of course, he was. He’d wear a shirt with a pullover casket, also pants and dress shoes. All his attires are generally the black and white colour quintet. In some cases, it might be white alone.

Still, Rod wears a shirt, a pant, and a long fleece during Titan rituals and family meetings.


Rod seems to have a calm and collected personality. But at the same time, he frequently looks slightly dejected and upset. Rod is an intelligent and wise person. It’s apparent in how he spoke about when his family (Uri) and his son (Frieda) secured and lost the Founding Titan.

Rod kept a position head throughout the time with Ackerman, Historia, and Eren. He indeed comported himself well after Ackerman seized him at the throat and tried to slit the ultimate.

Still, when Historia squashed the serum, Rod came agitated and erratic. He came devastated cried when the hype smashed into smithereens and licked the serum on the bottom.

Transformation into a Huge Titan Form How?

Rod could have converted into a Huge Titan in different ways. It could also be a combination of several factors. As stated before, Rod had consumed the serum.

But do you be to know? The serum was designed specifically for Historia. Rod licked it out of the bottom rather of enduing it into his bloodstream. We know that he didn’t consume the entire lozenge. Still, he’s still a member of the Royal Family. It means that he participated the fewest affinity with the abnormal or distinctive Elephants. has stated that abnormal Elephants uniquely come to actuality. They surfaced because they failed to consume the right volume of Titan serum. The abnormal Elephants show distinct traits than typical traits.

For case, chances are that Rod didn’t consume the serum rightly. This way, he came a distinct Titan who was much larger and bent out of shape when compared with other Titan types.

Rod was so popular because of his huge size. His appearance doesn’t come near to his mortal form except for his mannish structure as utmost Elephants are. Reiss expanded to the point of getting one of the largest Elephants in history with 120 measures in height. That’s to say, he was doubly as big as the Huge Titan, which is sixty measures in height.

Reiss was known for its cadaverous structure; nearly all his bones were visible. He doesn’t have a face as half of his head had been misshaped due to disunion against the ground. Still, Rod could restore his face if he stopped dragging his head on the ground.

Strangely enough, Rod’s body displayed a specific structure and design akin to a worm. He could stretch and contract his torso like a worm.

Like the Huge Titan, his immense size braked his movements and produces a significant quantum of heat. The heat he released was so violent that it was challenging to go near him without getting simmered.

Titan Shifters

Rod entered a Huge Titan serum. The story allows us to know that the serum could change Historia into a strong Goliath.

The question arises, who are the strongest elephants?.

They’re the shifters. As it is, if they’re unconscious, they could come pure elephants. But they can not transfigure into a Huge Titan. Rod didn’t suppose that it was an excellent idea to limit himself to a sixty-cadence Goliath type. So we believe that he converted into the distinct Huge Titan to that end.

Why Did Rod Reiss turn into a Huge Titan?

Maybe, utmost people believe that it was because of how Reiss consumed. But let’s look at it from another angle. First effects first, chances are that it wasn’t how he consumed the serum. Rather, it was what Reiss swallowed. He’d consumed the most important Titan serum.

Another reason depended on the themes of restraint, intentions, and pretensions that formed a significant part of the story. We’re enough sure that Reiss had a strong desire to change into commodity that could help him to achieve his pretensions. Still, he came a Titan in the real sense of it as expanded in both physical and internal strength because of his ambition.

We all know that Reiss is part of the Royal Family. In this case, they have a certain measure of influence over the Ymir people.

We believe that the royal members that don’t have the Founding Titan have a strong relationship with the Ymir and the rest of the elders. So, Rod might have converted them to make him important and influential.


Reiss swallowed a liquid substance and his body expanded. The normal elephants are mortal beings who ingested the regular Goliath serum. This way, they’ve the average size. In short, when you consume the Goliath serum, you can have and explore certain capacities and capabilities. Reiss was more popular than the Huge Titan because it was a distinct strain. Since he wanted to achieve his pretensions at all costs, he grew so important to negotiate them.