In a missed call marketing campaign, interested customers place a call to a “missed call number” that was placed on various offline and online promotions.

The brand sends an automated SMS or IVR call back to provide information, advertisements, or anything else that activates the brand.

This allows the business to increase brand awareness, along with recording data on who responds to their campaigns.

Missed call marketing is a unique marketing strategy that assists other forms of advertising. It uses a very general practice by letting users reach out at no cost to them.

Here’s why you should consider using missed call marketing:

1) Free For Customers

The beauty of missed call marketing is that it is completely free for the customers. This is why missed calls are one the easiest and effective means of communication.

2) TRAI Compliance

With missed call marketing, there is no risk of sending SMS to DND users.

3) SMS-Free

SMS Free

There is no dependency on SMS delivery for users, which means cost savings for your business.

4) Real-time Data

Real Time Data

You can Monitor verification activity on your site to ensure maximum conversions.

5) Works On All Phones

Works on All Phones

Missed calls can be given from all mobile numbers (not just smartphones) and even land-line numbers which open a wide array of opportunities for you.

6) Online Interface

Online Interface

Real-time data on calls received lets you respond quickly to customer inquiries.

CRM with Calling Solution

How Do Companies Benefit From Missed Call Campaigns?

Now Let’s have a look at how companies benefit from missed call campaigns.

1) Low Cost

Low Cost

Unlike other marketing measures like Toll-free numbers, wherein businesses are paying hefty rates for the customer’s call even for their hold time, with missed call marketing there is no hold time and you can choose your own low-cost outgoing call service provider to call back the interested prospects.

2) Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

As soon as the customer places a missed call, they receive an automated SMS or IVR call with detailed information that they are seeking. In fact, a whopping 75 percent of millennials chose to get information over SMS rather than talking.

3) High Quality Leads

Missed call marketing draws only interested customers.

Unlike other marketing channels, missed call marketing generates buyer’s interest without being intrusive.

The prospect who places the missed call is already aware of the products which lead to high quality leads for the sales team.

4) No One Is Put On Hold

No one likes being put on hold. Almost 60% of customers will hang up after waiting on hold for one minute. With the missed call campaign, there is no issue of call hold.

Your prospects/customers place a missed call to receive information and your Sales representative can call them back.

If there is a queue, you can even send automated SMS informing your prospects or customers, when can they receive a call.

5) Improved Operational Efficiency

By integrating your missed call marketing campaign with IVR services, you can address both operational efficiency and customer experience.

You can remove the wait time issue completely by providing your customers, the information they seek via IVR calls.

6) CRM

Companies that use a lead management system CRM, the average return on their technology investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent.

So, it is important that you integrate your missed call marketing campaign with a CRM.

7) No Usage Limit

There is no limit to the usage of missed call alert service in a day. You can use it as per your requirement. This will also allow you to manage every call of your business.

How Can You Promote Missed Call Service?

1) Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Traditional media campaigns like print, TV, radio, etc. can be used to publish missed call numbers. Missed calls will be made by interested users to the published number.

2) Online Marketing Campaigns

You can use missed call numbers as call-to-action buttons on your website, landing pages, email marketing campaign, etc.

3) Social Media Platforms

Marketing via social media is affordable, and campaigns can be designed to fit any budget.

Therefore, you should use missed call numbers as CTAs on your professional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.