Wearables, purses, along with belts! Men aren’t the only ones who wear belts, watches, and wallets, they’re obsessed with just a few items. However, these accessories have to fit perfectly for them. Particularly, the belts need to fit perfectly. They can make you appear elegant and leave an impression. Do not think of the belt as just a minor accessory. If you’re wondering why a belt is necessary, we’ll break it down to you: it is your belt that holds the most important part of your stylish appearance. However, when it comes to purchasing this crucial accessory, men are prone to making mistakes that could cause them to look unprofessional. This article will instruct you to the mistakes you need to avoid when purchasing belts for belt for men..

  1. Selecting the wrong belt for your style

The most frequent error people make when buying a belt is selecting the wrong one for their outfit. If you’re choosing clothes for your summer vacation It isn’t enough to buy the formal belt. It is essential to choose a casual belt that you can match your shorts. In the event of a clash, your outfit will appear odd. Similar to, when you’re planning for a formal event, perhaps a wedding or cocktail party, you’ll need to choose a elegant leather belt to match your outfit.

  1. A belt that doesn’t fit your shoes

It’s a general rule that your belt should be a perfect match for your shoes. It’s just a matter of fact. However, nonetheless, many people make the error in wearing belts that does not fit with their shoes. it’s a no-no. It is not acceptable to attend the party with the black belt and brown shoes or with an Burgundy men’s wallet along with. Your accessories must be in harmony with one another. Not just their appearance and color must be the same, however, their materials should be the same. Also, should you decide the suede shoe, you should wear with a belt in suede. Similar to, should you opt for canvas shoes, you should choose the canvas belt to go with the shoes.

  1. A belt that is too small

Another mistake men make when purchasing their favourite belt is to purchase it that is the incorrect size. The rule of thumb would be that it is of right size if you place the buckle in the middle hole. A well-made belt has five holes. However, the way people usually go is pick a belt that has either a tail that is short, making it difficult to fit it into the belt’s loop, or they select an extremely long tail that appears unappealing. Therefore, the best option is to select the right belt to match your waist measurement with the above tips in mind. This will help you look stylish.

  1. The wrong buckle on your belt

The most important part of a belt is its buckle. If you select one that isn’t right, the overall appearance of the belt is diminished. Therefore, it’s crucial to take a smart decision in choosing the buckle that you’d like to put on your belt. If you’re carrying gold accessories, for instance, a golden watch, or perhaps a gold ring, then the best buckle to pick is one with a golden shade. If you own an antique silver watch or silver bracelet, then a buckle made of silver is a perfect match for your style. It may seem not important to pick the buckle in accordance with the jewelry you own, however, imagine yourself wearing the perfect match. Isn’t it beautiful? Additionally, you need to use a buckle that you feel comfortable with. Buckles are available in many styles that allow you to select the one that best suits your style.

  1. The wrong material and design

Sometimes, people are lured by cheaper materials and stitching while selecting a belt. You should stay clear of this error. When picking a belt for men, do not choose low-quality leather or stitching because it could crack very quickly and make the belt appear worn down. You don’t want that. If you are wondering what to look for in a quality belt, it is important to choose a high-quality belt is made of soft leather and does not crack easily. It’s not easy to mark this type of leather, that is an indication of its high-quality. Another aspect to be aware of when purchasing an item is that it must have small stitches and not have loose threads which could cause a gap in the seam in the future. Check that your belt is tightly stitched, which will help it last longer.


Selecting a belt may be an overwhelming task, however, some simple to remember tips that are worth keeping in mind when you purchase your belt include:

  • Always select the correct size
  • Select the belt based on the event, formal or casual.
  • Choose the size that best fits your waist.
  • Make sure that the belt is matched with your shoes and buckle with your accessories.
  • Purchase leather that is of high quality only.