Films are written on a variety of diverse and obscure subjects. For example, in 2009 Disney came out with G-Forcea movie about a group of guinea pigs who act in secret as agents. A quarter of a century earlier, Ghostbusters hit the big screen. It featured three researchers who were comfortable attaching nuclear devices on their backs to get rid of New York City of a ghost plague.

Sometimes, the writers rely on real-life topics like amazing escapes from near-certain death like Sully (2016) Sully (2016) and financial crisis like The Big Short (2015). Another common real-world theme used by filmmakers is sports.

Sports are something most of us have heard of. Even if we do not follow them throughout the time, we could prefer periodic events like The Stanley Cup or less frequent contests such as that of FIFA World Cup or the Olympics. We all play sports, or watch them on television and have conversations with our friends about these events. Many also prefer placing bets on sports events, and make predictions on the outcome of games. A lot of people also utilize promotions to get free bets when they place bets to increase their odds.

With the amount of interest that is shown in sports, it’s not surprising that they’re a favorite subject for films. However, some are better than others. This is what makes the top distinguish themselves from the rest.

Focus on People

People connect with people and it’s crucial to concentrate on the human aspect of the story instead of the technical aspects of the game. The focus on the mechanics of a certain sport, a specific method, or the complex rules might appeal to die-hard players, but it leaves out most people who don’t know or aren’t interested.

That’s the reason Senna (2010) was so well-received. The film was a story about one racing driver and his rise to fame as well as the tension he felt with his fellow racers, and finally the tragic and premature death.

Make it Real

Contrary to Senna the film Driven (2001)has achieved just an 14% rating at Rotten Tomatoes because of its absolutely incredible plot and effects. This is because those who watch sports films usually anticipate a certain level of realisticity. If they’d like to watch an action film with a sci-fi theme it’s possible to watch Star Wars, so athletes don’t have to have extraordinary abilities.

The real-life aspect is the reason that is what makes Rocky (1976) amazing, because it focuses on the battle Balboa endures instead of him having some magic trick that involves eating a bowl of spinach during rounds.

Have a Hero People Can Get Behind

The sports movies require heroes. They are typically the underdogs who are fighting against odds to succeed. Rocky was Rocky, A League of Their Own (1992)had Jimmy Dugan, and Happy Gilmore (1996)had Shooter McGavin.

The protagonist must be relatable, so that readers can imagine themselves in their position and feel what they’re experiencing as the story unfolds.