Motocross is a popular motorcycle sport all over the world, specifically in the USA. It’s an extreme sport where participants race on rough terrain with all kinds of obstacles. Riding a motorcycle on rough terrain requires much more expertise than riding on a flat service. A motorcyclist who is used to riding on tarmac might not be good at motocross, because the sport takes lots of additional skills. And motocross racers must wear specific clothes and gear. 

Find out in this article what kind of gear the participants must wear during the race.

What Do Motocross Racers Wear? 

The motocross get-up consists of very specific pieces of clothing that are made for performance and protection. Their motorcycle helmets, boots, gloves, goggles, and other items are made specifically for the sport and are in most cases obligated to wear during the race. It is important for motocross racers to invest in good quality wear, as this will offer the best protection. 

Cheap products are often made of cheap materials or are poorly constructed and will not bring as much protection as more expensive products. 


The helmet is probably one of the most important pieces in the motocross racers’ gear. A good helmet protects the head and neck during impact and can prevent serious injury. Motocross racers often choose to wear a helmet that has a peak added on top of the shell. This peak keeps sunlight and sand out of the user’s face. 

Some racers choose to wear a helmet without a visor. In that case, they will add a pair of goggles to protect the uncovered area of the face. A helmet should have a snug fit because this offers the best protection. A helmet that leaves room and can wobble around will not be able to prevent serious injury during impact. 


Goggles are important to keep sand and mud that’s flying around out of the racers’ faces. Some choose to have polarized glasses to protect them from bright sunlight. Because goggles can get dirty, most racers carry a tear-off or roll-off with them, which is used to clean dirt off the goggles quickly. The downside of this item is that the racer must briefly let go of the handles to clean the goggles and could fall. To prevent injury, more and more racing goggles come with a built-in roll-off system that can be controlled wirelessly or by pushing a button.

Goggles usually have an elastic strap that should be attached tightly around the helmet. In that way, the goggles can’t move around and stay on the racer’s face during the race. 

MX gloves

MX gloves have several features that make practicing dirt biking much safer and more comfortable. They protect the user from dirt that is flying around and keep their hands at the right temperature through great built-in ventilation. MX gloves give a good grip to the user while ensuring that their hands are protected during a fall. They are made with several layers of textile and enforced with protective patches on the fingers and palm of the hand, usually made with Kevlar. 

MX gloves should have a snug fit, but the wearer should still be able to comfortably flex their hand. If the gloves do not have a snug fit, the friction might cause blistering. To prevent blistering, most racers wear a thin palm protector under their gloves.