David Kracov is a New York-based artist famous for his abstract paintings and prints. He was educated at Boston University and Parsons School of Design. He is well-known by his huge-scale works which explore color and texture. Two of his recent large-scale paintings, Serpents, and The Gathering were exhibited in prominent exhibition venues around the world.

David Kracov is one of the most influential artists of contemporary and modern art. Born in Boston in the year 1968. He is an expert in painting. Kracov took part in the largest art exhibitions around the world. Kracov was famous for his massive red works and abstract art.

In the history of sculpture David Kracov’s bodywork is awe-inspiring. His sculptures are extremely detailed human anatomy and are often abstracted in a unique style. His works are stunning and disturbing, as well as thought-provoking and deeply moving.

Work by David Kracov

Artists specialize in a particular form of art that is likely to be outstanding; however, there are artists who specialize in a different type of art. David Kracov is the latter. He is renowned as a specialist in all things art related as well as being able to utilize many different types of clay and work with metals, including steel, to create beautiful artwork.

Many struggle to believe that they possess the ability to create many various kinds of art however, Kracov has proved that anything is achievable. The artist David Kracov is famous for his accurate and realistic pictures of women.

He took art classes within New York City but went to Paris to pursue his studies in the field of advanced studies. He was able to draw his inspiration from everyday life. Kracov believed that his work was lacking models and began to draw naked of women that he met in the streets.

David Kracov is an artist who is able to create many different works of art, employing different techniques and methods of artistic creation. The American is able to master sculpture and animation through the use of clay as well as the ability to utilize metal and steel to create various different artistic designs. Kracov has enjoyed a successful career in art and is now using his expertise to instruct others.

David Kracov’s work has gained international recognition. His artwork has been featured in the residences of some of the most notable celebrities in Hollywood. His work has been bought by famous people like Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg as well as Michael Douglas. Kracov’s work is recognized due to the care it puts into details, but also to color.