Logos are a vital part of business and marketing. They are not a new thing. Logos are very ancient, and they have been in business for a long time back. The basic idea is to separate one company from another and give it a unique symbol that represents it. After many centuries, logos are still in need, and they might remain forever in business as it’s something like a business’s identity and face. Without a symbol representing your business, getting a place in the market would not be easy. This blog post will discuss the different price ranges of logos and how you can get them.

3 Resources to Design a Logo

The price of a logo depends on where you get it from. Below we will discuss several resources where you can get logos and how much they can cost.

1. Freelance Websites

This is a vast range of price options to get a logo design. It’s because there is not a single price range for logos in the freelance marketplace. The price of a logo in a freelance market depends on the freelancer. Newbie freelancers charge you $5 for a logo design. Some of them also give over one logo design at this price. The expert and experienced freelancers charge up to more than $10,000, depending on them. Getting a logo design by freelancers is the easiest and most convenient method in today’s date and age. You go to freelance websites, check various freelancers’ portfolios and hire the one you like the most. You tell him your requirements, and he designs a logo for you in the time you both decide. Freelance is where you can get the cheapest logo and the most expensive logo.

2. Online Logo Making Tools

It is more convenient than hiring a freelancer, but we put it on the second number. It’s because you don’t get creative and quality logo designs mostly when you use online logo makers. You are preparing a logo for yourself. You pick a logo template, perform drag-and-drop operations, and make it a unique logo. It doesn’t look much good because sometimes people assemble lots of elements and form its logo instead of creatively making a price. Below is one example between a logo maker logo and a traditionally made logo. Which one is great? The one on the right one looks more attractive. 

However, these online logo tools are free to use, and you can design as many logos on them as you want without paying them a single penny. You also don’t need design experience and knowledge because you need to drag-and-drop elements to form a logo creatively. However, pay them to get vector files, transparent background logos, high-resolution logos. But the price isn’t much, it’s affordable, but mostly the designs are not unique and attractive.

3. Brand Agencies

Brand marketing agencies are the costliest resource to design a logo. However, like the freelance marketplace, a digital marketing agency also has several levels. A new setup would cost you less to design a logo, whereas a big agency will charge you up to several dollars. Moreover, as we checked and compared agencies with the freelance marketplace, we saw they are still less costly than some professional freelancers who cost thousands of dollars for a logo. Digital marketing agencies usually offer you packages. They have pre-built packages where you can select any, and they offer you other things apart from logo design. They also have another option where you quote them and tell your requirements and budget, and they will get you several logo design concepts under an estimated budget set by you.

Which One Should You Choose?

Budget $5-50

If you have a budget range of less than $100, the best option for you is to hire a freelancer whose portfolio you like the best and who gives you a logo in this range. However, you can also create a logo yourself with online tools, but as we mentioned above, it will lack creativity. But if you think you can make an appealing logo design, you can go on with this option and buy a premium package. For instance, a very famous online platform that lets you create logos, Canva, has a package that charges you $10 per month. The price range of newbie freelancers and online logo makers is almost the same, so we recommend hiring a professional instead of DIY logos.

Budget $100 and above

If you have a budget to spend more than a hundred bucks for a logo design, the best option is to contact a branding agency. Tell them your requirements and let them create appealing logo designs for you. You can look for several digital marketing agencies in the USA on Google and select any of them. Beforehand you choose any agency to work with, you need to check two things:

  • Their Website
  • Their Portfolio


If a branding agency has a good interface website, they will surely give you good logo designs. You also need to check their portfolios to avoid any trouble, as you will see their already made designs if they match your taste or not. In the end, if you have a medium budget, the best option for you is to contact an affordable logo design services company. It would work best in terms of quality and budget both. You can always upgrade and improve your logo design in the future when it is required, and you get more budget for it.