EIGRP utilizes a Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) for the conveyance and gathering of EIGRP parcels rather than TCP and UDP. Unwavering quality is a vital component of the EIGRP, and it is intended to empower quick conveyance of updates and following of information gathering.

EIGRP was planned as an organization layer-free directing convention. This permits EIGRP to be utilized for conventions other than those from the TCP/IP convention suite, like IPX and AppleTalk. Figure reasonably shows how RTP works.

Despite the fact that RTP was created for the unwavering quality it incorporates both dependable conveyance and questionable conveyance of EIGRP bundles, like TCP and UDP. Solid RTP requires an affirmation to be returned by the recipient to the shipper very much like TCP. An inconsistent RTP bundle doesn’t need an affirmation very much like UDP.

The model is an EIGRP update bundle that required an affirmation however Hello parcel is sent over RTP without affirmation. RTP can send EIGRP parcels as unicast or multicast. The Multicast EIGRP bundles for IPv4 utilize the saved IPv4 multicast address and the Multicast EIGRP parcels for IPv6 are shipped off the held IPv6 multicast address FF02::A.