Namsogen can be described as an online credit cards generator (random). It creates credit cards based on the user’s BIN. Namso-gen is a testing tool that is used in various fields, such as Ecommerce as well as Payment Gateway sites. It utilizes the LUNH algorithm that is a basic checksum formula which validates the authenticity of a variety of identification numbers like credit card numbers as well as IMEI numbers. You’ll receive a variety of randomly created credit Cards that are only used for testing or research purpose. Due to the random nature the cards are issued, illicit usage is virtually impossible. Namso-gen has a strong stance against of illegal activity and adheres to all laws. Our Namsogen Blog helps people learn about security on the internet and security for credit cards.


This isn’t illegal as it was designed to test purposes only. It is our sole purpose is to make the difficult job of others more simple and also to assist humanity in a small way. The credit cards developed by Namso Generation are 100% risk-free. Since they don’t carry a any balance, these credit card numbers aren’t legal for purchases. This is legal for test purpose only. We urge everyone to utilize their real cards whenever it is possible. For more information about Namso Gen and other products, please read our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions.


CC generator means Credit card generators like Namso-gen. It is utilized by credit card companies and data testers companies to examine several payment mistakes (Testing) and to create a unique numeric Credit cards (by companies). The CC generator is completely legal and used to test websites. If you have any concerns about Online Security or Credit Card Security then we suggest Namsogen Security tips.


BIN is a short form for BIN is the acronym for Bank Identification Number, also known as the issuer’s identification number. The first 6 digits are the ones that appear of credit and debit cards. A valid BIN is used to determine the bank or the brand of the card. This is an extremely valuable information to prevent fraud at online stores and in purchase. This kind of information is found in the namso knowledge base section.


Namso Gen is the only alternative. We know that there are numerous random credit card number generators however, it is not advised to use them in comparison to Namso Gen. Namso Gen has a easy user interface, and it has the proper integration with related resources. Namso Gen is easy to use and secure. Namso Gen does not request any personal information, even just one email. Just enter a six-digit number to obtain a number of random credit cards with just one click. Namsogen is the most effective credit card generator, and it is not able to be replaced by other.


Yes. You are able to use them professionally. NamsoGen was created for testing purposes. It might not work properly when you use it in a non-legal manner. We also are not responsible for any damages caused to the business. NamsoGen is a powerful generator that can generate hundreds of Imaginary Cards with one click, makes use of sophisticated algorithmic hypothesizing.


In the beginning, Namso Gen and Namso cc generator are both the same thing. This is a credit-card generator that is able to create credit cards. To create credit cards, one has to first input the 6-digit BIN number. After that, click to click the Generate Cards option. The appropriate BINs on a variety of forums, websites as well as trick sharing websites and so on.