In the past five years, Facebook was a dominant player with the highest daily active users of all social networks. In the last 2 months, Tiktok has risen dramatically and is now taking over the #1 place from Facebook to become the biggest social platform in the world.

How does the Tiktok algorithm operate

As per BusinessofApp 2019 users are spending an average of 52 minutes using Tiktok every day. 90% of users access it more than each day.

Tiktok is the most engaged of social media, and it’s not just because of its engaging videos made by hundreds of thousands of influencers and users, the algorithm used to deliver appropriate content to the right people plays an important role in ensuring that people remain for longer time on Tiktok. Tiktok is similar to Facebook five years ago, a platform to entertain you when you’re at a loss and have just a few minutes to spare the time. It’s fast and accessible.

It has an infinite scrolling interface. This is incredibly tempting following a couple of entertaining video, people are keen to find out what’s next. It’s difficult to resist a tasty snack such as that. It is common for people to want to stay longer and are able to spend a lot of time.

55 % of YouTube users share their personal video. Imagine that on YouTube, it’s difficult even for more than half people to share their video either long or short. Most users log on to view other users’ videos as well as like, comment or post it on their channel. Youtube demands a minimum of quality (content video recording and video editing …). However, with Tiktok the trend is open for users to observe, it could be a alteration of the main character humorous jokes, exciting contests in acting, collabs with your friends… And Tiktok technology allows them to edit videos in a matter of minutes. Tiktok team members simplified the process of editing videos and made it enjoyable to utilize.

The page ‘For You is like News Feed on Facebook, that’s the place Tiktok study and create their algorithm that can be used to predict in real-time what’s next for their customers to see. If they do not provide relevant content, they’ll lose their engagement rates. For example, a person who generally interacts with specific subjects or channels. They will be prompted to view similar videos.

Social network industry

It is believed it was believed that Facebook was too large to be replaced back between 2010 and 2015 People couldn’t even imagine a new social media platform that could explode like Facebook did. Through video-sharing platforms like Youtube as well as personal videos and photos We have Instagram informationgraphics and art We have Pinterest, and for discussions are available on Reddit as well as the Quora… The list goes on and it appears that there’s no major idea of the next unicorn, until Tiktok was discovered.

Tiktok boasts nearly 1.300 million monthly active users (Tiktok 690 million in addition to Chinese Tiktok version Douyin 600 million). Douyin 600 million) in terms of MAUs, it’s fifth among social networks.

Although it’s only been in operation for less than four years ago it has a huge future of growth. It has reached 2 billion downloads through the App Store, and Google Play. It was ahead of Facebook by the number of new downloads it received in the year 2019.

“Start with the child Expand to adult This is an effective approach of Tiktok it was the first platform to offers young users songs, dancing videos that they can participate in to play with their fellow users. It’s like Facebook back in 2004 students from colleges interact with one with each other. However, in the case of Tiktok it’s all about entertainment. Young people today have greater access to the latest technology, and Tiktok appears to satisfy their needs better. Make use of technologies to create a videos more attractive and easy to create, users quickly increase their age to older people and include more diverse topics such as even business, science finance… but still adhering to Tiktok culture, which is short, enjoyable and educational.

Earn money with Tiktok

Tiktok has a growing number of users It is also the perfect place to showcase potential customers. If you are eager to convert customers, be aware that you must be following the Tiktok design to avoid being insensitive and offending to viewers.

I’ve seen English schools give tiny tips every day in an innovative manner to ensure that the students they will be will benefit and learn from it. It’s also an ideal opportunity to show your skills to them, the latest method of marketing that’s natural efficient and cost-saving. What you’ll need to spend is time and imagination.