Multiple listing is a database that is managed by real estate agents. This database contains the properties that are available for sale. The database called a multiple listing service or MLS allows the real estate agents to see the listed properties in different areas. In the MLS, the brokers can list the properties for sale. The listing contains different information such as the condition of the home, its price, size of the room, number of rooms, and more. The database keeps getting updated.

Only licensed and certified real estate agents can view and post the listings. They need to pay for the membership to get access to the MLS. When they pay the MLS fee, they get all the information regarding the houses put for sale in a specific locality, house photos, and other details like best attributes of the property, size in square feet, etc. MLS is made to connect home buyers and sellers. As per this arrangement, the listing and selling brokers get mutually benefited by sharing information and sharing commissions.

Every MLS follows the rules and norms made by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The rules of the listing, also mention the commission earned for both seller and buyer agent. Using the MLS, you can enable a quick search of the properties in different locations. So, it is good for both the prospective buyer and the seller.

Here, let us know how to list on MLS using the Flat Fee method.

What is Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Now that you are ready to sell your home, then you would have known that putting a sign out in the yard of your house may not help a quick house sale. There are several steps involved in selling the home. Right from marketing your home to getting the repairs done in your current house is needed before putting your house up for sale.

While all these tasks are essential, is also an important decision to make that how you would like to sell your home. Most of the sellers and buyers follow the traditional route where they go to the real estate agents and pay around 6% commission for facilitating the sale. Due to the significant amount of realtor fees, the sellers are looking for more economical yet efficient methods of selling the home. 

Flat fee MLS listinghas become a very popular method of selling homes recently. Instead of paying your realtor a heavy percentage of your home sales price, you can pay the real estate agent website an upfront fee and get home listing benefits in return. The realtor website such as Houzeo will list your home on the Multiple Listing Services MLS as well as other popular real estate websites. This way, you will get maximum exposure that too at a minimal cost. In the flat fee MLS Florida package, the agents not only make your listing live on the MLS but also provide other valuable services such as open houses, marketing houses, professional photography, managed showings, negotiation, and more.

Benefits of Flat Fee MLS Listing

There are several benefits of choosing a flat fee MLS listing service. It simplifies the process of selling your home, which otherwise is a time taking and complicated process. Other than this, there are more significant reasons to consider a flat-fee real estate agent service while selling your house.

Make A More Profitable Deal

As per Bankrate, the traditional agents typically their clients more than 5% of the sales price. Even Zillow shares that the commissions charged by the realtor are sometimes a whopping 7%. Though this 6% commission fee is divided between the buyer’s and seller’s agents, it is taken away from your home sale amount. Daily Update To cite an example, if your home is sold for $300,000 and you pay your agent as well as the buyer’s agent a total of 6% commission, then $18,000 is spent in just commission, which is a huge amount. 

But when you go for the flat-fee listing best and final offer, you don’t have to pay the exorbitant amount of money. But you also need to know that the flat listing fees do not include the charges of the buyer’s agent. So, your flat fee will typically save you from spending the seller’s real estate commission but the effect on the buyer’s agent commission remains unmoved.

Experienced Agent Services

The sellers pay their agent’s thousands to sell their homes. What if the agent does not turn good enough? The money seems to be going down the drain. Selling a home requires expertise and experience. It needs a connection with agents in the local area. The agent needs to have an understanding of real-estate laws and contracts.

The flat-fee MLS Florida agents are experienced and skilled in efficiently handling the sale. Some of them put your home on the MLS and some offer the help of experienced real estate. You get the same services as in the case of a traditional agent listing.

Peace of mind

With a reputed flat-fee listing like Houzeo, you can remain at peace along this home sale process. You just need to wait and see the tasks associated with selling the home happening efficiently.

Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Offer by Houzeo

Houzeo helps the sellers get listed on the MLS and choose additional help or services too at a Flat Fee. The company uses advanced technology and a high-tech system to list your house within 2 business days. They provide you with the best and final offer. This ensures a faster sale. Houzeo offers these Flat Fee MLS packages:

  • Bronze is priced at $299 and Houzeo syndicates your listing to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more.
  • Silver is priced at $349 where other than the basic features, you can create unlimited changes to your listing.
  • Gold is priced at $429 where you get Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, Digital Transaction Management, etc.
  • Platinum at $999 which includes the negotiation assistance, disclosures, and closing.

The primary reason for hiring the services of Flat Fee MLS listing while selling your home is that it makes the overall home selling deal quite a profitable proposition. Since in this mode, you need not pay any commission to the agent and just pay a flat fee instead, it allows you to save a lot of money on the sale. You can allocate the spare budget for your new home.

This is the main reason why the sellers have started opting for the Flat fee MLS service rather than choosing a traditional real estate agent.