Belbien 10 mg Hemofarm efficiently reduces the wake-up times in the night and contributes to increasing the total amount of time spent during sleep. It acts on receptors in the brain which are also known as GABA-A receptors. The potency of this medicine can be evident by its instant functioning which helps to decrease the time taken to go off to sleep. It is a well-known medication that is widely used by people struggling with sleeping problems. It is designed in a way that acts as a perfect solution to treat insomnia and sleeping problems. Buy Belbien 10mg can only be used as prescribed and for short-term treatment for insomnia problems.

Mechanism of Action 

The process of causing the release of neurotransmitters called GABA is located in your brain. It keeps nerve activity balanced and induces sleepiness, relaxes muscles, and reduces anxiety. Belbien 10 is suggested for short-term use for the treatment of insomnia with the onset of the lowest possible dose and is used to improve sleep onset and help to stay asleep. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that act as messengers between nerve cells referring to the natural body.

Before Taking This Medicine

Sleeping problems can be attributed to causing health deterioration and severe distress. People engage in different activities that call for physical or mental efforts such as operating machines, driving vehicles, eating, running, playing, talking over the phone, indulging in sex, and later experiencing the loss of memory of the activities after taking this tablet. Always contact your doctor first and accordingly adjust your dose instead of stop taking it suddenly or abruptly. 

Uses of Baelbien

The best thing you can do to avoid dependency or addiction is to use it occasionally. The dose of Belbien is based on the health condition of individuals. The recommended initial dose for adults is 10mg and you should continue taking this dose for at least a week. After having a meal take the medicine before bedtime and make sure the dose should not exceed 10mg during the initial days. The advised dose will never disappoint you but bring lucrative health benefits.


Abstinence from alcohol is necessary while taking Belbien 10 mg. Taking alcohol with this medicine worsens the effects of the drug. Abnormal thoughts can be amplified when the medication is taken with alcohol. Alcohol and a mixture of Ambien can also suppress your respiratory system and slow down your breathing. 

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