With so many rotary tattoo machines to choose from, it can be difficult to find out which one is best for you. That’s why we have the best rotary tattoo machine that you can order from Killer Ink Tattoo in 2020 to help you find your next machine! Working with rotary machines has several advantages, as many Tatras have low maintenance and ease of use.
What is the best rotary tattoo machine? Read for more information Best Rotary Tattoo Machine
As for the most suitable rotary tattoo machine for you, it depends on your personal preferences. Fortunately, our guide will help you find the machine you want to use for many years.

Stigma Rotary Shot

Stigma-Rotary has an even busier year in 2019, with the introduction of not one, but two new tattoo machines, plus a range of handles and handles available. The latest Stigma machine is Shot, which brings some useful new features to the tattoo market. The Stigma-Rotary Shot is the only single-stroke, single-stroke tattoo machine that can be adjusted quickly and easily without the need to replace parts or use tools. By turning the motor, the Stigma Shot stroke length can be easily adjusted from 3 to 4 mm. This rotary machine is also the same direct drive machine with the forced positioning function for standard needles and magazines, which ensures that the needles always stop in the raised position.

Stigma-Rotary Thorn

Prior to the launch of the Shot, Stigma-Rotary Thorn, a rotary tattoo machine in the shape of a pin, had the size and shape of a handle. With a height of only 9.3 cm, a diameter at the widest point of 32.5 mm, and a weight of only 115 g, you literally feel like you are holding a handle.

Pack Cheyenne Sol Luna & Sol Terra to win

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment caused a stir last year with double tattoo machines: Sol Luna and Sol Terra. These two rotary tattoo machines are capable of operating at low speeds of 25 hertz. Control machines more slowly for styles such as spot work and color realism, or turn them on for fuller and more intense lines. These two rotary machines have two operating system models, known as HardDrive and SENSITIVE. These modes allow you to choose between controlled or regulated speed operation by changing the motor control. With the HardDrive function, your engine will run at a controlled speed, without jumping force, and with a constant impact force. The SensiSwitch activates the new SENSIDRIVE function, which means that the motor speed adapts to the face you are tattooing. This is because the motor is more sensitive to the skin’s resistance response. The overall purpose of SENSIDRIVE is to imitate force majeure. So if your tattoo on a harder area of ​​skin, your machine will be hit harder. If your tattoo on a slower part of the body, your machine will have a slower thrust.

Cheyenne Sol Nova

Like the popular Cheyenne HAWK Pen, the new Cheyenne Sol Nova rotary tattoo machine has an ergonomic pen-like shape. However, compared to the Pen, the Sol Nova has more power and slower handling. By moving the weight of the engine forward, the Cheyenne Sol Nova gives perfect balance, which allows for optimal control and accuracy. The powerful Cheyenne Sol Nova DC brushless motor captures the blow, resulting in faster ink saturation.

Cheyenne HAWK but

As mentioned earlier, the Cheyenne HAWK Pen has been loved by tattoo artists around the world since the prototype’s debut in 2014. The Cheyenne HAWK Pen was the first rotary tattoo machine in the form of a pen and is still one of the best in its category. The idea of ​​a pen-like shape is to bring artists as close as possible to a real pen that can be used on a tattoo machine.

Cheyenne HAWK, HAWK Spirit, and HAWK Thunder

Prior to the production of the pin-shaped tattoo machine, Cheyenne was known for three HAWK rotary machines: HAWK, HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder. HAWK was the first Cheyenne rotary tattoo machine and the company now honors its legacy in a special reissue to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This image-defining machine is followed by the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit, a light and flexible rotation that is great for all aspects of tattooing. HAWK Spirit is truly versatile, delivering fast punches and fast doses while being extremely easy to use.

EGO Switch V2

The Switch is the highly anticipated EGO Rotary tattoo machine and the world’s first machine with a built-in ON / OFF switch! EGO Switch V2 has two modes. Mode 1 is always on, which means that you control the power of your power supply with a footswitch. Mode 2 is a switching mode that allows you to turn the power on and off using the switch on the top of the machine. Press the button to turn on the power and stay on until you press the power button again.