If you’re working with conductors in the construction of a power line, taking a chunk of wood to do an arborist job or dragging a caravan along your journey, powered winches will assist with massive lifting immediately. There are many of the top-rated winches powered by electricity.

Types of Powered Winches:

Portable Battery Powered Winch

The battery-powered portable winch is the perfect solution for boat and caravan pulling trailers, loading them, and other arborist tasks. It’s designed to lift and also for pulling. The portable powerhouse comes with a lifting capacity of 100kg and the ability to carry that load for at minimum 12 minutes continuously when fully charged. In addition, its pulling power is even more powerful with the maximum weight for pulling of around 400kg. It comes with a charger unit as well as two 24V Nimh rechargeable batteries. This lightweight winch is great for lifting tasks in the on the move.

Battery Powered Portable Winch

It is packaged in a sturdy plastic case that can be stored easily and the portable winch is ideal for outdoor pursuits or pulling jobs where power supply is limited. This is also component of the LftinGear range , however this item can lift up upwards of 140kg. It is equipped with a brake for additional safety and ease to using. Additionally, its pulling power is achieved by a 750kg hauling capacity. In terms of perspective this is sixty gold bars. The case also includes various accessories, with the most notable being two LI-ION rechargeable battery packs as well as a charging device.

Harken Rigger’s Winch

The Rigger’s winch is a pliable and light-weight solution to all lifting requirements. It weighs just 7kg, and approved CE motorized winches come with a total pulling capacity of 70-fold their mass with a maximum tolerable weight of 500kg. The robust adapter plate allows it to be positioned in many different ways, which allows it to be used all the way to remote, challenging situations including stage rigging, telecoms to any work, and marine use. The winch itself is constructed of the 17-4-PH stainless steel, which is capable of carrying pins and all gears for greater reliability. Additionally, the unique drum design helps improve the grip of rope.

Harken Lockheed Winch Kit

Lockheed Winch Kit Lockheed Winch Kit provides safety and security thanks to its man-riding, self-tailing winch, and captive head that stop release of the winch by accident. It’s ideal for transport and fixed load-lifting as well as man-riding. It is perfect for temporary or fixed applications as well as rescue. Furthermore, the LokHead is completely approved to use together with our TM9 and TM9-W tripods for use in confined spaces. The kit includes the handle and winch, an TM9 adaptor, a plate and Sling. It also includes an adaptor for drilling to provide mechanical support to draw more weight.

Yale Yaletrac Wire Cable Puller

Yale provides a range of cable pullers made from wire to reduce the burden whenever you engage in some tough drag-related exercise. This is done through pulling and dropping tying and securing loads for large distances. Additionally Yale wire rope pullers Yale wire rope pulling devices have been specially designed to be flexible. Yaletrac’s products are suitable for numerous applications, including construction, industry civil engineering power line construction, oil plants, shipbuilding and shipbuilding. It is designed to be usable using hand-operating forces that have been improved by the inclusion of one axial ball bearing which makes all operations practically effortless process. The durability and stability of this product line are nearly as good as portable pulling. It is the safe and secure load-bearing is a single, user-friendly device.

Speedy Worm Gear High-Speed Worm Gear Winches with a capacity of 1500 lbs

It features an Direct Drive Design that delivers speedy operation both ways even with a full load. Its Machine Cut Bronze Gears provide precise operation and durable service. Its enclosed Oil Bath provides nonstop lubrication of the gears, reducing wear. Its Oil seals keep the oil in and dirt out. Inside, the Mechanical Brake delivers positive load control for lifting and lower operations. Its Ball Bearings and the self-aligning bronze bearings provide an efficient and smooth operation. The Plate provides enough pressure to the drum, and the sturdy wire rope helps ensure uniform winding, which isn’t available in any clutch model. The Dual Function Cable Anchor allows for quick disconnection of wire rope using an swaged ball fitting or sunken cable anchors that has a screw set to connect wire rope with the unfinished ends. It also comes with Mounting Options including for floor or wall. It is constructed of Cast Aluminum, which gives it extremely light strength. The durable and durable Corrosion Resistant paint finish guards against corrosion in the most harsh conditions.

Capstan wins

Capstan winches come with an upright drum for the winch that can be used to pull horizontally. They allow the line to move away to the drum from any position, making them advantageous in maritime activities. Capstans of the present can produce large line pulls as well as high speeds. They are powered by physical power or electrically, hydraulically and pneumatically.

Friction Winches

Friction winches comprise two grooved drums that are arranged in a line that runs the line with friction, and another drum to reel into the rope to store and the crushing force of the rope running is under tension, which is absorbed by the drums with grooves and without distorting the wire underneath as is the case with a conventional winches.

Winch hand

Hand winches are physical tools that can be used for many lightweight applications. They feature a grip that functions like a lever as well as barrel axis that is the fulcrum.

Options and Accessories

The emergency hand crank to ensure physical operation in the event out of power

Failure, and it doesn’t contain the handle.

*The 2 Part Line Kit is for conversion to double line for rigging.

*The Rotary Limit Switches to shut off the secondary switch is designed to limit the travel of loads in the direction of one or more, however they are not offered on clutch models.

The Special Motors and Controls include high-risk duty and an explosion


* It comes with special finishes for environments that are hazardous.

*The Torque Limiters as part of the motor panels found on electric models.