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Let us know what a Breadcrumb is in a web design.

What does Breadcrumb Navigation stand for?

Breadcrumb Navigation is a secondary Navigation tool that allows users to know their location on a page such as a product page and higher-level pages for instance:- a category page.

In simple terms, If you somehow have been redirected to a particular page on which you didn’t wish to be, then with the assistance of Breadcrumb Navigation, you can head back to the starting point just by following mere one or two steps.

For your information, we would like to tell you that, back then when Breadcrumb was primarily introduced by Microsoft, since then this amazing feature is present in every edition of Windows. Breadcrumb is not a solely website-only element.

If you are still puzzled, what is Breadcrumb Navigation? then, we believe with this example, you will surely understand what Breadcrumb Navigation stands for?

Let’s check out the example that will assist you in understanding Breadcrumbs navigation.

Example:- Suppose you are a 12 year t12-year went to a theme park and lost the way to exit as well as doesn’t know where you are at.

We believe you can sense the panic and anxiety and then you ask a passerby and he points to the location on the map where you are right now.

Suddenly, all your anxiety and desperation vanish and now you know where you are, where the entrance is and where to exit.

And that’s something Breadcrumb performs in site navigation.

Now that you are well acquainted with Breadcrumb Navigation, let’s check out different kinds of Breadcrumbs.

Kinds of Breadcrumbs.

If we talk about the kinds of Breadcrumbs, there are three kinds of BreadCrumbs which you can check out below.

  • Location-Based
  • Attribute-Based
  • Path-Based

Now, we believe it’s time to know about the advantages of using Breadcrumbs.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s just hop on the advantages of using Breadcrumbs design.

Advantages of Using Breadcrumbs.

These are the Advantages of using well-optimised Breadcrumbs designs. 

  • Convenient as well as Beneficial for the Users.
    As we have quoted above, Breadcrumb is a secondary means of navigation to the website for the users. With appropriately configured Breadcrumb designs, users will be able to navigate to higher-level pages of a large multi-level website conveniently. If you website build by a website design agency then you can ask them to add breadcrumbs in your website
  • Lowers Clicks or Actions to Higher-Level Pages.
    Decrease the Extra Efforts of Clicks and Actions to Head back to the Higher level pages as with the assistance of the Breadcrumb navigation feature users now use the secondary Navigation method, they don’t have to use the browser’s back button repeatedly.
  • Takes less Screen Space.
    As Breadcrumbs are horizontally shaped as well as simply styled that makes it take less screen space. And if you are worried about content overload, then we would like to tell you that breadcrumbs have a very tiny to zero negative impact, if you are concerned about content overload.
    As well as, if they are optimised well, they are capable of outweighing the negatives.
  • Lowers Bounce Charges
    Presume, a user redirects on a particular page of a website via Google search and he/she notices a breadcrumb trail that has the potential to tempt the user to hit on the higher pages that showcase resonating topics of interest.
    And doing this will lower the overall website bounce charges, you can say it is a decent path to persuade first time users to the website. 

And that’s a short overview of what breadcrumbs are in Web design .

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