There is no doubt that students need a modern phone. The primary purpose of a cell telephone, which is to make calls, has long since ceased to be the main one, particularly among younger students. It’s not just entertainment. Everyday students also use it for its useful functions, such as a camera, which can be used to quickly take a picture of an item (task, schedule or announcement), a calendar where you can save your classes and other important events, and a voice recorder to record lectures. The smartphone is able to help you with your homework, essays, or experiments thanks to its easy access to the Internet. A smartphone can also be used to pay to essay when you don’t have the time or the ability to complete your assignments on time. However, the best way to accomplish this is to use the smartphone.

What iPhone should you choose for 2022?

There are many options for iPhone models in 2022. There are many models available, including older versions and newer ones. Let’s now look at the 2022 iPhones you can purchase. These are the best iPhones ever made by the legendary company, and they will last for more than a year.

3 facts to remember when buying an iPhone in 2022

There are many legendary smartphones, especially Apple tech. You’ll need to know the 2022 iPhone model to choose if you are thinking of buying an iPhone, or upgrading your current device.

Selection Recommendations:

  • Display size. You can choose to have a mini version or a large-scale Pro Max. It all depends on your preferences and needs. The screen technology is equally important. OLED matrices are true black and offer bright colors. IPS panels have soft, natural colors.
  • Although powerful chips have been a hallmark of company founders, it is obvious that their importance diminishes over time. The corporation’s engineers have created processors that are powerful enough to last a long time, even though they never had to use them. Pay attention to RAM and built-in storage. You should purchase smartphones with at least 128GB of memory by 2022.
  • Three lenses are available on the top models, each with a different focal length. Cool shots can also be achieved with dual-lens models.

You can easily decide the best option by weighing the main parameters and the capabilities.

Which iPhone models you shouldn’t buy?

You should consider options that are still viable, but which will substantially reduce your options.

iPhone 7, iPhone 8 & iPhone X You can purchase activated

Since the iPhone 7 was introduced, a lot of time has passed. You won’t find any new iPhone 7 models in stores. You can however buy activated iPhone 7. You can buy an activated iPhone 7. Stereo speakers with surround sound can be used to listen to your favourite music and watch movies. 3D Touch technology works in the following way: A long touch can allow you to control different functions. The aluminum body is strong and provides protection against liquids and dust at IP68 level.

iPhone 8 is a budget-friendly model that comes with a beautiful glass body. It is not just a fashionable design solution, but it also offers wireless charging.

Even among more advanced devices, the device is attractive. The 11th generation chip inside supports artificial intelligence. It provides excellent multitasking performance. It offers optical zoom and portrait mode.

The iPhone X, the anniversary edition, combines steel and glass in its body. A small frame surrounds the display, and on the top is a slightly larger one for the “present” mane. There are also modules for Face ID, and the front camera. The gadget is protected by an oleophobic coating, but it also makes it slippery so it can fall out of your hands.

Retina HD screens aren’t as clear as the other 12 or 13 options. The True Tone technology that adjusts the color temperature is a nice touch. The iPhone X’s performance is impressive, but it isn’t powerful enough to handle modern tasks or use large applications.

iPhone XS/XS Maxi. It’s hard to find good oldies

Although this line is long gone, it’s possible to find used smartphones that are in good condition and activated.

The Xs is slightly better than the Anniversary X but is still better than the XR. The Max model was in high demand at one point. This one is for you if big gadgets are your thing.


  • OLED matrix allows for reduced bezels
  • High quality materials
  • A12 Bionic processor, 4 gigabytes memory. This reserve can be used for many years
  • Camera phone module appearance
  • According to the IP68 standard, water protection. It can also be submerged in water up to 2 meters.
  • The compact body is easy to hold in your hand

The disadvantages include the lack of autonomy and 64 gigabytes memory in the basic model.

This camera is dual-purpose and supports Smart HDR. It is possible to produce clear, saturated images even in low light.

iPhone XR. Very affordable.

The 2018 hit version is still in high demand. This device is still in demand due to its decent specifications and affordable price. The iPhone 11 is far more powerful than the iPhone XR in all aspects. The processor (A11 Bionic), is less productive and frames are easily visible because of the old IPS display technology. Because there is only 3 gigabytes of RAM, the device won’t be satisfied. This is not enough RAM for the 2022 needs. It has a standard IP67 level of protection from moisture. The device can be submerged to a depth only 1.5m.

There is only one main camera, and that is not enough. Portrait mode only shoots people and objects. Signs include the absence of night mode. This is because modern users are used to taking high-quality photos regardless of lighting conditions. These advantages are easy to accept and quickly become second nature. Speed is also important. Only 64 GB is available in the basic configuration. This is critical for powerful and high-capacity applications.

The iPhone XR 2022 is only for those who love the IPS matrix and don’t like to take high quality photos for their own use or on social media. The iPhone XR is only for those who don’t value the camera and autonomy but still need a phone to make calls.

Which iPhone models are safe?

Smartphones will be the best choice between 2019 and 2021. We will now discuss their features.

iPhone SE (2nd Generation). An extremely affordable iPhone.

It’s a great choice for a very reasonable price. Insiders compare it with version 11, which is in the same body as the eighth model. Swipe to purchase the iPhone SE 2020 starting at $499.99 You will need to pay $649.99 for a 256-GB device.

The flagship 2019 offers performance at a low price with a 4.7-inch IPS LCD. The manufacturer chose to use Touch ID instead of Face ID in order to make the smartphone affordable.

This smartphone is an excellent choice for people who are buying their first iPhone or those who use it for business purposes. You will be able to use the phone for many years thanks to its features and power. It will also be a hit with those who love the home button. Touch ID unlocks your phone.

Although the base iPhone’s display is a little outdated due to its wide bezel, it will still impress with its power. If:

  • The home button is a classic design that you can appreciate
  • You have a limited budget but still want to purchase a smartphone.
  • You already own an iPhone of the most recent generation but need a cheaper version for work

iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro /11 Pro Max. Think about what one you really need.

This model was introduced in 2019. This is a good choice, but you need to decide which model you want. Let’s begin the review with the base version. You can now get it in a variety of new colors. Users are particularly interested in purple and green. The iPhone got two lenses for the first time. This gave rise to new possibilities for creating high-quality videos and photos, especially when compared with previous models. Night mode was the first time it appeared. It’s amazing!

It also has expanded its capabilities. Face ID functionality has been enhanced by 30% because of the increased viewing angle.

The A13 chip has brought the iPhone 11 to a new level of performance. The features of the iPad Pro 2019 are identical, so it is even more difficult to imagine. You can work with auxiliary reality, correct video, and perform other operations without any pauses or stops.

There are three types of built-in memory: 64/128/256GB.

Manufacturers have also made improvements to dust and moisture protection. The smartphone can be submerged in water as deep as two meters. The premium smartphone features the following key features:

  • 4 gigabytes RAM
  • Dual zoom
  • Front-facing 12-megapixel camera
  • Shooting video at 60 frames per Second
  • Protection against dust and moisture is improved

Apple also released two additional models of iPhones in 2019: iPhone 11 Pro max and iPhone 11 Pro max. These are the main parameters for professional models.

  • You can have up to four different body colors
  • The A13 Bionic chip is the new generation.
  • Main unit with three 12-megapixel lenses
  • Front camera 12 MP
  • HDR mode support
  • Built-in memory available in three configurations: 64/256/512GB
  • Water protection up to 4 meters deep: New generation
  • Wireless power support

There are many distinctive features that go beyond the common features. The 11 Pro Max has a diagonal of 6.5 inches and the 11 Pro Max 5.8 inches. Both have different weights. The Max per hour autonomy is higher. The price differences are also significant. The most expensive configuration will be more costly.

The parameters of OLED-display (also known as Super Retina XDR) are very similar to those on the iPhone 12. Its brightness can reach up to 900 nits in bright sunlight, so it is not necessary to cover the screen. HDR content will provide a lot more enjoyment, as the detail will be as clear as possible.

iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max. This powerful gadget has powerful charging

These models are top-end and will be more expensive than the base or mini versions. 12 Pro Max has a diagonal measurement of 6.7 inches with sharp edges. The updated case has received many positive reviews. However, we can confirm that it is stylish and very comfortable for daily use. This case is made from high-quality surgical stainless steel and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The triple camera now features a telephoto lens that zooms in at 2.5. This improved portrait mode. To create the perfect portrait, you don’t have to be close to the subject. Just bring the model closer towards the screen. In total darkness, the LiDAR laser scanner sharpens the images. You can also create beautiful bokeh effects with it.

iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12. One of the most popular options

iPhone lovers who want space and power in a small body will love the mini version. It measures 5.4 inches and offers all the benefits of the older models. The 2020 best processor is inside. This chip uses five-nanometer technology. It allows for all tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently, while also saving energy. The 12 models are able to handle Augmented Reality, video content handling, and the most recent gaming graphics. The iPhone 12 is the perfect compromise between quality and price.

The design has been completely redesigned by the company, so the edges of the smartphone are sharp. The iPhone’s pixel density has increased so that the image looks more real and clear even when you are holding it very close to your eyes.

The main device is a 12-megapixel camera. These photos are now sharp and vibrant. Even in complete darkness, the main sensor can take sharp and detailed photos.

The battery life is incredible. iPhone 12 can play continuous video for up to 17 hours. This means that we can get up to a day and a quarter of work done without any additional charge.

iPhone 13 mini. Super compact and powerful

For those who like compactness and are fond of the design from the fifth generation, this is the perfect smartphone. The body is made from glass and ceramic and the display is protected by Ceramic Shield. This panel ensures the smartphone’s integrity. Aluminum used in aviation is used to make the frames of Mini. Water protection is assured by the IP68 standard.

The screen has a new look thanks to the 20% reduction in bangs. There are two cameras on the back, arranged diagonally.

The display was selected Super Retina XDR. Its diagonal is 5.4 inches. OLED technology is impressive. The brightness has increased by 28%. Standard brightness is 800 cd/m2. HDR content will reach the 1200cd/m2 mark. Despite this, the display consumes less power than last year’s model.

It houses a remarkable A15 Bionic processor. It is made from a 5-nm process and contains 15 billion transistors. It can perform up to 15.8 trillion tasks per second. It works in tandem with the Neural engine, which is responsible for artificial intelligence processes. Even with large-capacity programs, the speed has increased 50%. The smooth operation of cameras as well as display scrolling is ensured by A15. Graphic processing has seen a 30% increase in its performance.

The minimum amount of memory that can be built in is 128 gigabytes. Apple has given up 64 gigabytes, which is a great move. This number is very low for today’s requirements. You can also choose between 256 GB and 512GB configurations. They also introduced 1 Terabyte of memory for iPhones for the first time!

iPhone 13. iPhone 13.

Amazing functionality is provided by the iPhone 13. Display and processor are identical to the Mini version. Only the screen diagonal is different. This model measures 6.1 inches.

Let’s now look at the features of this camera unit.

  • Automatic adjustment of shooting parameters in night mode.
  • Stabilization with matrix shift was used to provide clear and detailed content
  • Ultra-wide-angle lens covers 47% more light
  • Slower shutter speeds allow for incredible quality footage even in low light conditions
  • To change to portrait mode, click on the screen.
  • Can you create Dolby Vision HDR video?

The screen is optimized and the processor is brand new. Therefore, battery life has to be improved. The iPhone 13’s battery has been extended by 2 hours. Smart Data mode can help you save your charge.

iPhone 13 Pro. The flagship without compromise.

A new generation flagship. The device’s exterior has not changed much from the 12th generation. But you can instantly see the innovations in the camera unit. They have been optimized to take professional-quality photos. There are three lenses available: the main lens (with a wide-angle lens), an ultra-wide angle lens and a telephoto. Each lens has 12 megapixels.

It measures 6.1 inches in diagonal and has calibrated colors. Auto mode now supports 120 Hz. The device’s adaptive refresh rate ensures excellent energy efficiency. The A15 Bionic processor, the latest in its class, is the most powerful of all time. The RAM has 6 gigabytes. Even in the smallest configuration, the main memory can be increased. Photographers and bloggers will love the fact that the maximum version offers 1TB storage.

The upgraded stereo speakers produce a rich sound quality that is remarkable. The best liquid protection. It is also very pleasing to have the ability to transmit high-speed data wirelessly. A unique time of operation on one charge is possible thanks to the autonomy that was achieved.

iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s cool, but it’s very expensive.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive but best smartphone in 2021. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has similar characteristics to the PRO version but has a larger screen of 6.7 inches.

The 13 Pro Max has many advantages:

  • Platform extremely powerful
  • Professional-level camera with improved features
  • Adaptive refresh rate display
  • It has a great battery life and you don’t need to take a charger everywhere.
  • Video creation mode gets new features

Quick guide to selecting a model

iPhones are expensive smartphones so they will be costly to buy. Choose SE2 if you’re a student working and want to save as much as possible. To improve your academic performance, and to get more work, use SE2_. You can save your nerves and time by using homework services. However, the iPhone 12 or 13 will not have the same display and camera capabilities as more recent models. The iPhone 12 and 13 will be the best options in 2022. The iPhone 12 or 13 will be the best option in 2022, depending on your budget and your desires.