Have your heard or seen these two Alphabet “GG” and always wonder what that GG means? 

Then, you have come to the right page ask this article we will be clearing the air out near what does GG mean?

We know you are eager too, so do we to illustrate, so let’s head without wasting any further moment.

But what does GG mean in gaming?

If you are looking for the answer that what does GG mean in gaming, then here is your answer.GG abbreviation simply means “Good Game”, if you are into gaming for a certain period, you would know that.

It is a congratulatory abbreviation that was used by game mates to appreciate others after a nice and good game.

You must have heard this abbreviation used by many gamers and streamers after they played well or tried best at a game. This abbreviation is most commonly used by many gamers, especially by teenagers and Adults.

That was the meaning of the GG abbreviation used in Gaming but the meaning of GG doesn’t summarise whole here, it also has a different meaning in other contexts such as in Sexual Context, it means Game and giving which we will be going through in the next section.

In Sexual Context.

The abbreviation GG is not only used in gaming but in sexual context too.

Yes, you have heard it right, GG is also used in a sexual context where GG stands for Game and Giving, moreover, it is GGG which means in chat, Good, Giving and Game aka high-quality, willing and selfless sexual partner.

It has been seen that people often use this abbreviation GG on dating sites.

It has been also seeming that GG is also used to refer to horses as well as in the LGBTQ community, it is referred to as Genetic Girls which is opposed to a transgender woman or one who crosses dresses.

That’s all! Congrats now you know in what Context, What do GG means or stands for.