The Mitra Food Safety Scheme

The new food safety Mitra program has been introduced by the Food Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Food Safety Mitra Scheme was created primarily to assist small and medium-sized food businesses in complying with food safety legislation through the provision of license and registration, hygiene ratings, and training resources. It will also provide jobs for young people around the country. Here, we take a close look at the Mitra Food Safety System in detail.

Here, we take a close look at the Mitra Food Safety System in detail

A Food Safety Mitra (FSM) is a person who is trained and certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to carry out activities associated with the implementation of the Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations, and Rules (the “FSS”). To become a Digital Mitra, a Hygiene Mitra, or a Food Safety mitra trainer in Haryana, you can now apply online. The FSM Scheme 2022 online registration process has already commenced at

First-time FSM applicants should carefully understand the scheme’s qualifications, duties, and responsibilities before applying. Certification and renewal information should be examined.

What is the Mitra Scheme for Food Safety 2022?

Accordingly, the Food Safety Mitra Scheme has been established by FSSAI to assist small FBOs with licencing and registration, training, and hygiene grading.Using the Food Safety Mitra Scheme, FSSAI aims to create a last-mile self-driven and self-employed compliance structure that complements the efforts of FSSAI and the State Food Authorities.

To ensure the safety and quality of food The Mitra Plan. Following are the goals of the Food Safety Mitra Scheme:

Create job possibilities for young people with a background in food and nutrition.

In order to make conducting business in the food industry easier, an organised and transparent structure is needed.To get people involved in the food safety ecosystem at a lower level of abstraction follow some Food Safety Types Mitra.

Here are the three categories of food safety Mitra:

Digital Mitra

  • To apply, go to the FSM website.
  • Complete the online training once you’ve been shortlisted.
  • After you’ve finished training, go to one of the designated test centres and take the CBT.
  • A Digital Mitra certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the assessment; this certificate must be renewed every two years.

Mitra’s Trainer

  • FoSTaC will register a potential trainer if they match the requirements.
  • According to FoSTaC standards, the candidate will undergo classroom instruction and examinations in order to become a certified Food Safety mitra trainer in Haryana.
  • The certificate would be valid of 2 years only.

The Mitra of Hygiene

  • In order to be considered for the position of Hygiene Mitra, an individual must have certain qualifications.
  • For certification as a Hygiene Mitra, the candidate must complete classroom instruction and examinations.
  • The certificate of Mitra Hygiene will only valid upto 2 years.

The Food Safety Mitra might be a Digital Mitra or a Hygiene Mitra, as long as the candidate meets all of the qualifications and requirements.