Cloud computing is a term used to describe the internet , which is a growing digital world. Cloud computing is described as the provision of a variety of services, including storage as well as management and transmission of data through the internet. These services are offered off-set , without the installation of large hardware assets or local storage device like hard drives, computers, etc. With no infrastructure or systems, or even applications on your personal computer off-set, you are able to use virtual servers or virtual machines. Cloud computing enhances your computer’s processing capacity, includes features such as email servers and software and databases, as well as networking.

Cloud computing is divided into subcategories. One is a cloud that is public while the other is private cloud. Cloud services that are public offer Internet access at no cost while private cloud computing services are only accessible to a specific amount of users. They are network-based and provide cloud-based services that are hosted. Another type of cloud referred to as hybrid clouds, which is a combination of both a public as well as private cloud. One of the three hybrid clouds is the most flexible and secure, and assists in optimizing the infrastructure of users.

Based on the wide range of services offered, cloud computing generally offers three distinct services, which include SaaS(Software as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a service) as well as IaaS(Infrastructure as an service). Based on the type of service that are offered, there are a range of jobs related to cloud computing with each each with their own unique significance. Cloud computing training lets you explore various tools of cloud computing for your career growth.

Cloud computing job roles computing

Cloud Architect:A person who is skilled and certified in the creation of a cloud-based architecture for an business or a company is classified as Cloud Architect. Cloud Architects have the most intricate secure and sensible method of dealing with the creation and integration of cloud-based technology. The median wage of Cloud Architects in India is around Rs20,31,658 per year , according to Glassdoor. It is possible to earn cloud Architect accreditation at Bangalore to get a job in this position.

Cloud EngineerA Cloud engineer an individual who follows in the steps of cloud architects. Cloud engineers have the responsibility to aid cloud architecture in its creation of cloud architecture or sets up the complete functionality of the cloud architecture. The functions include the creation of pipelines, load balancing and each blueprint provided by cloud architect. It is his responsibility to design and execute each technical task. The median salary for a cloud engineer is around Rs 5,54,936 in India According to Glassdoor.

Cloud Automation EngineerThe Cloud Automation Engineer can also be referred to as an DevOps engineer. They are accountable for the continual deployment of various tasks. They as well as setting up routes for these procedures. A new build-up will be initiated every time you traverse the recommended routes. Testing for breaking changes are performed as bugs that will be fixed in the future. They also provide support for management by coding and scripting, as well as software delivery operations. The average pay for Cloud Automation Engineers is around Rs7,47,406 per annum across India as per Payscale.

Cloud Security Analyst Because the data is stored in the huge data world , it is at the possibility of malicious attacks when contrasted to data that is stored locally on local machines or computers. So, based on these findings that we need to ensure a high level of security for data stored. The job of cloud security analyst. who evaluates the risk concerning security and mitigates them in the course of cloud infrastructure developmentprocess, and maintains the entire track of security breaches to information in the cloud. The median salary for an analyst in the field of Cloud Security analyst stands around the amount of Rs. 8,21,904 in India annually, according to Glassdoor.

There are many recruiting companies which offer positions in cloud computing’s diverse areas. The most sought-after recruiters include Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Oracle, Apple, Aditya Birla Group, Michael Page and many more. According to various sectors and people, the above profile of job and recruiters could differ depending on the level of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in the work field.

Cloud computing courses

Cloud computing courses provide the complete knowledge in structure, application in addition to administrative and structure programming. It is primarily focused on the sharing of data in a vast scale as well as methods of programming on the cloud to make up a fundamental cloud infrastructure. Students choose to take this course to acquire the complete knowledge and abilities of computing and programming.

There are many tests you must pass to start the career path in cloud computing. Some of the most renowned schools in India which provide cloud computing training include:

  • SRM University Chennai: It is a private institution it offers admissions through JEE MAINS as well as SRMJEEE.
  • LPU Jalandhar LPU Jalandhar is part of the private sector and allows admittance on JEE MAINS and LPU NEST.
  • Chandigarh University: It takes to enroll from CUCET( Chandigarh University)
  • School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University, Bangalore: Admission is via JEE MAINS COMEDK UGET and Uni-Gauge. JET
  • HITS Chennai Accepts applicants through HITSEEE test.
  • Integral University, Lucknow: It accepts students through JEE MAINS IUET, UPCET, JEE MAINS.
  • The Innobuzz (distance learning)
  • Indian Institute of Job Training (IIJT) Multiple centers
  • Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT), Bangalore
  • IBM Professional Certification Program (testing through Prometric)
  • NIIT, multiple centres
  • Aptech, Computer education (multiple centers)


Following a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (computer sciences or in information technology) or bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) or of Science (B.Sc.) of Science (B.Sc), or Master of Science (M.Sc) in IT or Computer science, you could enroll in a course that focuses on cloud computing. When you have the right credentials, you’re now qualified to work as cloud Architect as well as Cloud Engineer and DevOps Engineer Cloud Security Specialist or any other. Cloud computing courses are available at various levels. They could differ from the institution to the other. There are various certificates and diplomas available. You could choose to pursue the diploma or certificate program of your choice dependent on the timeframe and other valuable resources available to you. Many courses can help you through the basics in cloud computing.