Top Social Media Platforms: The Internet is the holy grail of technological development as all the cutting edge marvels that the world has seen lately have originated from the web. Not exclusively is the web an amazing technology in itself, yet it has also opened ways to many new paths that have brought about a few magnificent innovations lately.

Humanity is taking incalculable advantages out of technologies like A.I, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and Blockchain among many others. These are technologies that are defining our future, and all of their bases come from the web. Not just has the web created these sophisticated technologies of things to come however it has also drastically further developed the ones we utilize currently by giving them a cutting edge touch. Any field that you pick today will have the presence of the web in some capacity.

Adaptability is another advantage of the web that has enabled it to integrate itself into many of our existing technologies seamlessly. One such field that the web has reformed is the field of communication. This doesn’t come as a shock because initially, the web was created as a device for communication so clearly the field reaping the most advantages out of it will be communication, and the web did that work splendidly. Thanks to the web we have technologies like video conferencing, VoIP administration, and the main one out of all, social media. These technologies have changed the face of telecommunication and how we used to interact with individuals over long distances. Because in addition to the fact that they are cheap have such countless advantages as compared to their traditional counterparts.

What Makes Social Media so Special?

Talking about social media specifically it is probably the most utilized communication medium out of all. Major social media platforms have above and beyond 2 billion clients around the world, and on the off chance that we take a gander at the biggest social media platform Facebook, it has near 3 billion active clients. That’s a huge number and there are many reasons behind it, the major being cost.

Most social media platforms are allowed to join and don’t have a sort of age gender or geographical location. Accordingly anyone living in any part of the world can join a social media platform to associate with the world. Considering it only requirements a web association, and since the web has become so cheap and is available at a seriously economical cost, as apparent by Cox web costs, it has become very advantageous for individuals to involve these social media applications to remain associated with their friends and family instead of using the costly mediums like phones. However, apart from the expense factor, there are many different advantages associated with social media platforms which we are going to talk about underneath.

Advantages of Social Media

The biggest advantage of social media was the one we already examined above, since it is easily accessible to the masses it has given the capacity to the voices of the weak. Social media is a platform where anyone can say their psyche and get their assertion across the world. Today social media holds such an excess of impact that even a single post or tweet has the ability to send swells across the world.

We have seen the force of social media recently when it was utilized to create perhaps the main developments against racial discrimination, yes we are talking about the Black Lives Matter development which sprung out from only a social media post. This is another huge advantage of social media that through it individuals can make the world aware of the situations happening around them, anyone can do this through a smartphone and a web association.

This has transformed social media into a great platform for news. In fact, many young individuals only get their daily news from social media as they’re not practically into print and news media, another reason is that social media platforms are liberated from any governmental scrutiny and oversight neither the news the is biased towards one single entity accordingly making social media a free and fair platform that gives raw news. And then there is the feature to remain in contact with your loved ones and post about daily life happenings.

Biggest Social Media Platforms

Social media has exploded as of late and presently there are many choices here. Be that as it may, we have created this rundown to tell about probably the biggest social media platforms currently active today briefly.


The platform that started everything is Facebook. Although there were many prevalent before it like Myspace, Tumblr, and Orkut. In any case, what started as Harvard’s answer to Hot or Not (another famous social media platform) sprung into a global peculiarity. With a solicitation based networking model in which clients sent companion solicitations to different clients to turn into a part of their organization and shared pictures, recordings, and life happening with their organization of “companions”. Facebook hit gold with this model and made its proprietor Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. With 2.9 billion clients Facebook is the single biggest platform for socializing.


Although not your typical social media platform, still YouTube has all the capabilities of being a news source and communication medium. This is a video-sharing platform possessed by Google and is completely allowed to use by anyone. YouTube has a channel-based format in which every individual has their own channels on which they can upload content in video structure for anyone to watch. YouTube chips away at an ad-based plan of action and also pays its substance creators. So not exclusively is this platform a great way for information sharing yet has also created careers for bunches of YouTubers who have made content creation on this platform their regular work. The biggest and most popular web-based video streaming help YouTube has 2.5 billion active clients.


At number three comes Instagram, an image-sharing platform. Instagram solely depends on images and brief recordings and is a dedicated platform on which content creators share their life in pictures with their organization. Apart from following an organization based sharing model like Facebook, Instagram also has the choice to keep your account open for the world to watch. Because of this feature, many big names are available on this platform to share their images. The major income of Instagram’s substance creators comes from brand supports and modeling as the site doesn’t itself pays the clients. Boosting up a client base of 1.4 billion clients Instagram comes at the third spot of the biggest social media platforms.


Today social media has turned into an integral part of our life as individuals all over the globe utilize these platforms to share their recollections and life minutes with their companions and friends. This article reveals insight into the biggest social media platforms that are being utilized today. Nonetheless, today there are growing privacy worries over these platforms because of these social media locales becoming increasingly advertiser-friendly and selling their client’s data to advertisers for income. That is why a certain degree of caution ought to be adopted while using these social media platforms.