Truckers transported 11.84 trillion tons of freight in 2019. This makes the trucking industry responsible to transport 70% of the United States’ goods. There are many types of trucking jobs available.

It’s a great experience to be out on the roads, taking in the sights, listening to your music, and exploring the states between truck stops. Are truck driver jobs right for you?

Different Types Of Trucking Jobs

There are nine types of trucking jobs available in the United States. These include a dry van, freight hauler and flatbed hauler as well as a tanker hauler, a refrigerated hauler and less than truckload haulers.

Each trucking job is different. Some require you to drive for 10 hours, while others will have you driving across the county. Others are local and allow you to go home and stay in your own bed. There are many options. Flatbed trucking company allows you to transport large or heavy loads. It is possible to transport building materials such as lumber, steel coils and shingles. You could also transport military equipment, machinery, and mobile homes.

Dry Van Hauler

One of the most popular trucking jobs is that of a dry van driver. They drive semi-trucks and transport shipments that are easy. Dry van shipments are dry goods that are packaged in boxes or pallets and are shipped by semi-trucks. They do not need to load the goods.

Flatbed Hauler

Flatbed trucking jobs can be very common. Many drivers begin their career pulling a flatbed trailer. Because of the unique and large shipment loads, you develop special skills and experience that will give you an edge in your career.

It is your responsibility to properly secure your loads. You are putting yourself and others at risk if you don’t properly secure your loads. Flatbed trucking jobs

Tanker Hauler

Tanker drivers transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, making them one of the most sought-after trucking jobs. Drivers must be able to quickly respond to any situation and they must also know how to safely operate their trucks.

Refrigerated Hauler

The refrigerator trailers (also known as reefers) can transport food that is refrigerated. They can travel cross-country, or they can stay in one place. These are highly skilled trucking jobs that require you to monitor temperature and keep your cargo from perish.

Local/Regional Haulers and Truckload Haulers

You load and unload your shipment by being a less-than-truckload (LTL driver). It is possible to have multiple loads in one day. You don’t usually travel long distances.

Local/regional truck drivers are similar to LTLs. They take multiple loads per day and return home usually at night.

Hotshot Haulers

Hotshot haulers deliver small, time-sensitive loads. Failure to deliver the load can lead to serious consequences. Many hotshot truckers are self-employed owner-operators.

Pick-up trucks typically come with a flatbed trailer attached. Hotshot haulers are able to travel short distances, but they can also drive cross-country.

Auto Haulers

You’ve seen the trucks transporting cars stacks high. Transporting cars is the only job of an auto hauler. They are very heavy and require skilled drivers.

Use Wisely

We hope this helps you find the right type of trucking job for you. Every trucking job can be dangerous, regardless of whether it involves hazardous materials transporting or driving for more than ten hours. Make wise decisions before you commit to this career.

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