The need for dedicated teams of developers has increased in particular when finding the best talent across different sectors requires a lot of effort, time and resources. The team of software developers is an extension of the client’s internal engineering team. We can help you with creating your own R&D center in Ukraine and in assembling your own brand-name staff starting from scratch, and we can also help you find engineers to complement the team. Each team comprises different specialists and their roles may be different. Experts like backend and frontend developers software architects project managers business analysts as well as developers, QA engineers, security experts, and others might be part of the team as required.

While they’re an expanded version of the core team, the dedicated teams can work independently if they share the same needs. Administration and HR, product management and even maintenance of infrastructure resources form part of the team. The creation of dedicated teams helps save the resources of the company and provides the business of the customer a substantial increase.

Chudovo is a business that is specialized in putting together committed teams Ukraine for clients from all across the globe. Most of our clients come from Europe as well as those from the United States. Offshore development teams help customers meet their requirements for software development and enables them to deliver goods of high quality quicker and save money. They also help estimate costs, and plan the future direction of business.

Today every industry is evolving and heading towards digitalization. Utilizing Chudovo to build your committed team is among the most efficient ways to accelerate the process. Chudovo is the ideal choice for your company if you’re looking for a reliable partner. We’ve got experience and are able to meet the requirements of our customers. We can engage an individual engineer or a complete group of engineers with different levels of expertise and specialization. Once the client approves the members of the team for development to work for him, they will become permanent employees working out of our headquarters in Ukraine.

The process of recruitment

We create a dedicated team based on your specifications of the project and your needs. The recruitment department identifies skilled technologists and connects you with the most suitable candidates. Interviews are conducted and only approve those applicants who seem to be a suitable match for your team and your project. We don’t charge any additional charges for the selection process.

Direct direct communication

You can communicate with engineers directly and supervise them the same manner as your internal development team does. Audio/video channelsand invitations to the workplace of your customer and even customer visits to the location of the extended team are all ways to improve communications.

Cost-effective budgeting

Cost planning becomes easy because of the visibility into the employees and logs of time and the future cost are accurately forecasted ahead of time. This lets the client put their money into other projects since there is no chance of uncontrollable or unexpected costs rising. Additionally there is a belief that remote teams save substantial amount of funds.

Developers’ participation

The extended team’s developers are exclusively focused on projects assigned from the customer. Since the developers are highly skilled and possess an exemplary work ethics and are committed to making high-quality, high-end products and personal development. This results in a win-win scenario for both businesses and developers that require the best talent.

Flexibleness Dedicated teams can offer many adjustable options, sometimes greater than the internal team. The advantages include inviting members of the dedicated team to the office, requesting information for information about the infrastructure or administrative facilities, expanding your team’s size at a short notice, examining the location of the team and so on. You are in complete control of the team and scalability flexibilities. You can choose to grow the team or recruit additional engineers at any point.