A surveillance camera for the outdoor tests, there are many advantages to this type of product, but there are also some disadvantages.


  • The camera films (intentional and unwanted) visitors on your property
  • The monitor ensures that you can access these recordings from the inside
  • You can integrate the device into your home network
  • Very safe thanks to the interior view of the outside
  • Does not necessarily need a smartphone
  • If it is an outdoor surveillance camera with recording, you can view the recordings again later
  • An outdoor surveillance camera with a motion detector informs you via push message on the Mobile phone about movements in the field of vision


  • Usually much more expensive than just the camera with app control and view

What are the possibilities for data transmission?

In order for monitoring to work smoothly, data transmission is important. Most of the time, an outdoor security camera works with Wi-Fi.

In this case, travel resorts of america reviews no cable is needed, as the device connects to the Internet and thus transmits the data. If you don’t want an outdoor security camera with Wi-Fi, there are alternative models that work with cable and LAN.

Incidentally, the WLAN camera is also called an outdoor surveillance camera with radio, as it works with a radio signal. The WLAN is only used to transmit the signals. An outdoor security camera with radio or WLAN is therefore basically the same product.

Tip: A special feature is surveillance cameras for outdoor use with a SIM card. If there is no Internet connection at the monitoring location, you can use a prepaid or contract card and thus supply the device with LTE or 4G. Surveillance cameras for outdoor use with a SIM card then record normally and send you to push messages to your smartphone in an emergency.

Which popular manufacturers and brands are there?

Are you looking for a surveillance camera for outdoor test by Stiftung Warentest or want to know whether the company has chosen a surveillance camera for outdoor test winner?

The concern is understandable, because in this category or in general with technical products there is often uncertainty. Which device is the best and which one should you choose?

Stiftung Warentest took up the question in 2017 and carried out a test. However, it was not only about exterior, but also about indoor surveillance cameras.

Some models performed well, but many devices also deficient. Points of criticism were partly the recordings at night, the handling or even the data protection when using the app.

Among other things, the outdoor cameras of the brands were tested:

  • Nest
  • Netatmo
  • Netgear
  • D-Link
  • Abus
  • Instar
  • Technaxx

Apart from the brands tested, best travel to canda we also recommend taking a look at the Reolink, Clarer, Eufy, Bascom, Ring and Arlo brands. In general, it is advisable to always get your own picture of the products and, above all, to pay attention to whether the properties and functions of the device match your own requirements. This is where our purchase advice can be a useful support.