You can make your own games for weddings if you are creative. The classic picture-guessing game can be shared around the tables at the wedding breakfast. You can make one game with multiple boards and have guests guess the person on each one. A speech sweepstakes is another game that can be played at weddings. You can use sweets and beverages from the bar to reward the person who gives the most memorable speech.

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Table games

Guests can engage in a variety of activities at your wedding, including cryptic phrase games and crossword puzzles. Each table can be customized with favorite details about the groom or bride to make it unique. A simple wedding crossword puzzle is a great way to get guests talking and meeting new people! Another fun game for the table is a giant Jenga set. This fun game can be enjoyed by the whole family, or even the children can have a turn.

Traditional pub games

Fun additions to wedding receptions can include a few pub games. Beer Pong and Flip Cup are two classic games that can be enjoyed by all. Red Party Cups are great for serving as drinking vessels and can be filled with water or unspiked punch. Other high-tech wedding games include video games. Be sure to get A/V help to play them so that they don’t take away from the main focus of the reception. Video games can be played if your A/V system is available.

Indoor games

Wedding games are a fun way for guests to get involved, regardless of whether the couple have children. Couples will often hold their shoes up to one another in a popular game called “Shoe Game”. Each player is asked a question, and must match the answer with their shoe. This game is sure to generate a lot of laughter. Wedding games are a great way for guests to have fun and add some excitement to your reception.

I Spy

If you want to make your wedding reception more interactive, consider incorporating I Spy games into your party. These games are a great way to include lots of guests and make your wedding more fun! Place I Spy cards on each table, or even put them on dinner plates! You can also offer prizes to guests who identify the items on your list. You can even use place card holders to hold multiple copies of the I Spy game.

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Look for the guests bingo

The bride can make this wedding game unique by picking the music and artists for the evening. Every player will receive a description and a song lyrics. The goal is to guess the song title and artist within three minutes. The bride and groom will also be judged based on how well the guests can act like the couples. The bride and groom can also choose their own favorite songs. It can be fun to have the guests bingo during a wedding.

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said in weddings is a fun way to learn about each other’s lives. You can either use written answers to the game or present your results. Both ways of playing the game require pens and paper. The quiz format has the bride reading out the questions and guests answering aloud. The guests earn a point for each correct answer. The bride and groom may choose to hand out prizes for the most correct responses.

Drink or Dare

Playing Drink or Dare at your wedding flowers can be a lot of fun. It is a great way to bond with your guests and get them talking. You can play a dare with your guests while you drink, or ask and answer a question. Just make sure to drink responsibly! Here are some ideas for fun wedding games. These games should be as unique as possible.