Of all the hats you can choose to wear, a fedora is one of the most popular among both men and women for formal occasions. It offers a classic and timeless look to men seeking to make a quiet but emphatic statement about their personalities and fashion sense. A versatile hat, you can wear a fedora easily to a business meeting, a night out with friends, or a red carpet event. However, to make sure you turn heads wherever you go, you need to buy a high-quality fedora and know how to wear it the right way. Some handy tips on how to wear fedoras for maximum impact for both men and women:

Fedora Hat Style Tips for Men

When you wear fedoras right, you will exude intelligence, power, strength, and an inimitable sense of style that is hard for people around you to miss. A fedora, when worn properly, signals to others that while you have both intellect and confidence, you also have an adventurous side to your personality. When you wear fedora hats with poise, you will forever silence people who think that hat is a hat and nothing more. What you must know is wearing a fedora hat correctly does not only mean positioning it on your head in the right way. You need to pay attention to the clothes you wear, the length of your hair, your accessories, the occasion, and even the time of the day.

Fit: There are many different kinds of fedora hats, all with their distinctive types of crowns and brims. However, the most popular style is a soft-brimmed felt hat featuring dents on the center and the two sides and a prominent pinch where the two sides meet at the front. However, regardless of the style of the fedora, you need to make sure that it fits your head and sits on it comfortably without feeling too tight or loose. According to Forbes, if the hat is too tight, it will leave a mark on your head. If it is loose, it will tend to fall off every time you bend or if there is a gust of wind.

Hair length: Men with short hair and long hair can wear fedora hats with equal aplomb. If you have short hair, it is better to wear the fedora hat low on the head with the hat’s brim perpendicular to the ground as it can help to focus on your hairstyle. With the hat in this position, you can be sure you can protect your scalp in the areas where the hair is short and thin, which is great if you have sensitive skin.

It may be difficult to wear the fedora low on your head if you have long hair. It may be better to tie up your hair in a bun that fits snugly in the hat’s crown. It will allow you to wear your hat flat and low on your head. Alternatively, you can place the hat on top of your long hair with the brim pointing up a little for a more casual look at informal get-togethers.

Accessories: While there is no end to the variety of accessories, you can wear, you should never overdo it. While fashion experts earlier frowned on wearing sunglasses with a fedora, it seems to have become more acceptable in recent times. If you are going to wear sunglasses with your fedora, you must not wear the hat too low as most of your face will then be hidden, and seem that you are trying to hide your face. To avoid this, you should keep the brim flat or turned up a little and preferably wear a fedora with a tall crown. This technique works well if you intend to wear earrings.

The environment: One of the most critical aspects of making an impact by wearing a fedora hat is to understand the nature of the occasion, event, or get-together so you can decide if wearing it will work well. The nature of the event or occasion will also tell you how to wear the hat well. For example, wearing the hat, so the brim is flat is best for formal events, while you can turn up the brim upward at a casual party. You can decide how much to turn up the brim by experimenting in front of the mirror, however, more often than not, a slight incline is sufficient.


Deciding how to wear a fedora hat need not be overly complicated. The good thing is that you can wear a fedora at all times during the day and night. If your main need is sun protection, you should adjust the brim to keep the sun out of your eyes. However, do refrain from pulling it over low on your forehead. Because the fedora is a classic hat, it is best worn conservatively.