Whether you’ve just recently shifted to a new house or have been living in your childhood home for years, you will have some uninvited guests living along – the bugs. Although they don’t possess any severe risk to your health, chances of food contamination, allergies, etc., cannot be entirely overruled. Moreover, no one would like bugs flying around over their food. If you’ve noticed too many bugs over the past several days, it’s time you get rid of them. There are various ways to fight bugs, and you don’t necessarily have to resort to harsh chemicals.

People with children and pets around usually avoid using any chemical or artificial bug repellents because it might negatively impact the environment. If you’re trying to fight bugs without any negative consequences, try using natural insect repellents. The most significant benefit of using natural repellents is there are no side effects, and the products are highly effective. To help you certainly win the battle against bugs, we’ve curated a list of all the natural elements or ways you can use for the best results. So let’s quickly check out some natural ways to fight bugs shared below.

Spray Some Essential Oils

The use of essential oils like peppermint, spearmint, lavender, eucalyptus, etc., is widespread for their therapeutic purposes. They even smell great and can add a touch of freshness to the environment. But rarely do people know that essential oils can also be used as an effective bug repellent. Essential oils have a very intense smell, and most bugs cannot stand it. Owing to the nature of the essential oil concentration, their usage is suggested in small amounts. Moreover, they should also be used after mixing with water and then sprayed on the area you’re trying to make bug-free.

Sprinkle Some Lemon Juice

Lime or lemon juices are citrusy, and they work as excellent cleansers. Luckily, bugs don’t like the citrus smell, so it can be used to keep bugs away. Besides bugs, lime juice also helps keep spiders, ants, snails, and other pests away from the house. Although you can sprinkle some lemon juice mixed with water in any area of the house, places like windows and doors require special attention. Always prepare the mix of water and lemon in a spray bottle, and use it as and when needed.

A Mixture of Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

An easy and natural DIY to keep bugs at bay is the mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar. The use of baking soda alone has been proved effective against roaches. When mixed with powdered sugar, it becomes more effective. Applying this powdery mixture can be messy, but the results will be worth it. You can either make and store this mixture in a container or prepare it according to your requirements.

Use Mint Leaves

Nothing beats traditional and natural ways to repel bugs at your home. If you’re looking for a natural way that helps you fight bugs without creating a mess, try using mint leaves. Mint keeps mosquitoes, ants, and other everyday irritants away from your house. Using mint leaves is super easy, and you only have to place the leaves at windows, doors, and any other place that acts as the bug’s entry gate. Using mint leaves will repel bugs and also spread freshness in your house. But if you’re looking for alternative natural options to repel mosquitos, try mosquito repellent herbal. This spray is natural, effective, and safe. So you can apply the repellent without worrying about any side effects.

Apply Vinegar at Affected Spots

A popular, natural cleanser, vinegar is one of the best things you can use against bugs. Vinegar has a strong smell that does an excellent job of repelling ants and deterring them from their usual navigational trails. When you use vinegar, you may start seeing fruit flies, but fret not. The use of vinegar does a great job of acting as bait to attract flies and get rid of them. You can use vinegar directly at places that have frequent bug visits.

Place Some Salt 

Another natural and helpful ingredient, salt, is one of the most readily available and practical solutions that can help you fight bugs. You can sprinkle salt near your windows, doors, carpet area, corners, and other places where you feel bugs keep roaming around. Salt has a high concentration of ammonium chloride and ammonium nitrate that helps ward off different bugs.

Use a Solution of Detergent & Water

Although detergent is not an entirely organic solution, it is still a better and less harmful solution than other chemical-laced bug repellents. It is used to trap and kill bugs without creating any mess. An excellent way to use detergent and water mixture is by spraying a generous amount of the mixture in affected areas. You can also add little amounts of apple cider vinegar to the solution as it will help attract and kill the bugs better.

No one likes to have any bugs in their houses, especially when they start pestering the people around. But getting rid of them is not that difficult. You can fight bugs in several ways, and bug repellent is one of the top options. If you’re looking for natural ways, as chemical products or methods can have some side effects, you can pick any option discussed in this guide. We’ve talked to several professional pest controllers before curating this list, so you can be sure to see visible results.