Vodafone number for Message Center This guide will assist you to send SMS with the Vodafone prepaid or postpaid and 4G SIM. We will guide you through the process of resolving the Vodafone issue of not receiving SMS. being delivered.

Vodafone is India’s most renowned telecom provider. Millions of Indians utilize their Vodafone network. This huge number of users make calls, communicates with friends and performs a myriad of other activities every day.

Vodafone has network coverage in more than 25 nations in the year 2018. I would add systems to 47 additional locations. Vodafone Global Enterprise offers IT services and telecommunications for corporate customers in 150 countries.

If you encounter any problems that prevent the SMS from being delivered to Vodafone SMS Centre Number on your mobile phone. Here are some possible causes:

  1. One reason could be the incorrect Vodafone number for the SMS center. .
  2. Vodafone can also stop your SMS service if it haven’t utilized it in the past 3 years. To activate your Vodafone SMS service, dial 800-198 to speak to Vodafone support.

What’s what is the Vodafone Message Center number?

The mobile phone’s message center numbers, commonly referred to by its SMSC number is a network element. Its function is to store, forward and transform the SMS message. An SMSC’s principal function is to send messages sent via SMS and control it.

Vodafone Message Center Numbers Update August 2021

Vodafone SMS Center NumbersPhone Number
North East+919774099990
Jammu & Kashmir+919796009905
Himachal Pradesh+919736009911
Andhra Pradesh+919885005444
Madhya Pradesh+919713099990
Uttar Pradesh east+919839099999
West Bengal+919732099990

It’s impossible to send SMS via Vodafone at times. You might not be capable of sending an SMS from your mobile. It could be you have a problem with your SMS provider. has been disabled. The problem can be fixed via a call Vodafone support and asking the customer service to enable my assistance.

What is it work? SMSC (Short message Service Center) operate?

SMSC is a component of the network. It is accountable for the entire process used to sending the SMS (e.g. storage forwarding, storage, delivery.

This is how it does it:

  • An SMS message received via a mobile phone will first get to the SMS centre.
  • The center for SMS relays this message on to its recipient.

Now you know what an SMS center’s number. Here we give you our Vodafone messaging center’s number. Vodafone has a unique SMS center number for each state, therefore we will be sharing that number.

How to Change Vodafone SMS Centre Number Android

USSD Code:

1) Dial 1-*#*#4636 #*#*

2) You will immediately get a popup. The following choices will be displayed:

  • Telephone information
  • Information about batteries
  • Statistics on Usages
  • WLAN Information

3.) Select “Phone Info” and scroll down to the bottom to find the SMSC alternative.

4.) 4. Click “Refresh” and you can verify your current number or replace it with the number we’ve given previously.

5.) Select the “Update” button that’s all.

Default Settings:

1) Open “Messages”.

2.) Select”Settings” by clicking the “:” button at the bottom of the page, and select “Settings”.

3.) To gain access to advanced settings, click “Advanced”.

4.) Choose the center of SMS which corresponds to the sim slot.

5) You’ll see an initial numbers for Vodafone message center in your display. You can change the number simply by entering the SMS center’s number which we provided earlier.

6.) Select the “Save” button.

FAQ – Vodafone Message Center Numbers

Q1. What is Vodafone Message Center Number Delhi?

The Vodafone Message Center Number Delhi is +919811009998

Q2. Which is Vodafone SMS Center number Mumbai?

Its Vodafone SMS Center number Kerala is +919820205446

Q3. What is the Vodafone SMS Center Number Punjab?

The Vodafone SMS Center Number Punjab is +919888009998.

Q4. What is Vodafone Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh?

The Vodafone Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh is +919885005444

Q5. What’s this Vodafone SMS Center number Tamil Nadu?

The Vodafone SMS Center number for Tamil Nadu is +919843000040

Q6. Which is Vodafone SMS Center number Kolkata?

Its Vodafone SMS Center number Tamil Nadu is +919830099990

Q7. Which is Vodafone SMS Center number West Bengal?

Its Vodafone SMS Center number Tamil Nadu is +919732099990

Q8. How do I find the Vodafone Mobile Centre’s number?

Type *#*#4636 #*#* to the dial screen. Choose the phone’s information. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to choose an SMSC setting.

Q9. How can I change the number of my Vodafone Center for SMS number?

How to Change Vodafone SMS Centre Number Android

  • Dial – *#*#4636 #*#*
  • You’ll immediately see options and pop-up.
  • Continue scrolling down to see an SMSC option.

Q10. How can I reach Vodafone Customer Service?

Contact customer service at 919.

Q11. Why can’t my Vodafone message not being delivered?

The first step is to confirm that you’re Vodafone SMS Center Number is accurate. Check your mobile messaging settings.You can check the number of the SMS center that the SMS center of Vodafone.

Q12. How do I enable SMS?

Samsung Android – Setup SMS

  • Choose Messages
  • Press the menu button. Notification The Menu button may be placed anyplace on your screen or device.
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose More Settings
  • Select Text messages now.
  • Select Message Centre
  • Input the number for your message centre, then choose the option to set.

Q13. How can I make the iPhone text message Centre number?

  • Start the Phone app on your Homescreen.
  • Tap Keypad, then dial the following number: **5005*7672*12063130004#.
  • Click the green Call icon. You should get the message Setting Successfully.

Q14. How do I get access to Vodafone settings?

  • Go to Settings >>>>> Access Point Names> Menu>
  • Select Menu, then Add New APN. Type your Vodafone APN Settings exactly as it is shown.
  • Save your settings and go into the menu that opens.
  • Make sure the connection is working by restarting the phone.