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What is Antonov? Who is the ghost of Kyiv? What are the specific nuances of Kyiv’s ghost? Ghost that is Kyiv?

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia hasn’t come to an conclusion. It’s been more than two days of uncountable mishaps However, the conflict continues to escalate. The whole world is shocked and stunned by the terrible conditions in Ukraine.

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Struggle Between Ukraine And Russia

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine along with Russia can be traced through the 1990s to the mid-2000s. In 1991 Russia and Ukraine fought for independence. Soviet Union broke up into fifteen independent republics. This meant that Ukraine became a sovereign state, and Russia transformed into an autonomous state league. Both nations have experienced an uneasy relations from then on.

The two countries have been fighting for control on the Crimean Peninsula starting around 2014 at the time that Russia added the peninsula to its territory. This resulted in sanctions from both the United States and the European Union. The situation remains tense, with occasional clashes breaking out between Ukrainian and Russian powerhouses.

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Battle Between Russia And Ukraine 2022

It is evident that Russia has finally launched an attack on Ukraine. On February 24, 2022 Russia began to attack Ukraine following the request of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, demanded the Russian army. As a result, Russian military assembled around the borders of Ukraine from all of four parties, and pursued the Ukrainians.

The war in question is the most significant conflict following World War 2. It has gotten to its most horrific levels. People and ordinary people have passed away and the entire country is destroyed. Bombings, airstrikes and the inability of major structures and airports in Ukraine have stunned the entire world.

Vladimir Antonov Pilot

As the battle raged on, war people from Kyiv witnessed a military plane pilot, now famously known by the name of “The Ghost of Kyiv.” According to reports that he was focused on and destroyed 6 Russian fighter jets that were competing with him. The plane was hovering over Kyiv city, while the Russian military occupied Kyiv, the capital city.

The video has become a sensation on the internet in the moment. The verification of the facts and the source of the video aren’t completed. Video through virtual entertainment is expected to begin on 23rd February, when Russian powers started to strike Ukraine. The Mig 29 military aircraft pilot could become”the “warrior pro” of the 21st century.

Vladimir Antonov Pilot turns into an article of news that moves from one end of the world to another in the short-term. If the data is accurate the pilot could be awarded the title of contender Ace for the destruction of at the very least five fighter planes of enemy. In all likelihood the details like the age or the name of the pilot are not known.


The Russian attack on Ukraine caused the entire world feeling helpless and in despair. The world is stunned that this could happen be happening in the 21st century. The war has caused quite a lot of damage at present. We are hopeful that things will turn much better.

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