Investing in quality violin clothes for violin students can be a wise decision if you are armed with the knowledge to look at and the questions to ask.

If the parent is convinced that their student violinist is at a stage where it would make sense to invest in their own violin – rather than spending more on renting an instrument – buying a violin kit may be the wisest investment. Violin costumes are sold at local violin stores, as well as online music stores and online shops maintained by experienced violin makers. A student violin suit usually consists of a violin, bow, holster and a piece of resin.

Violin shops and retailers offer these pre-packaged costumes

 To give the student everything they need to start playing for less than buying individual à la carte pieces. Make no mistake; the most expensive costume is the violin. Bracelets and holsters are generally of poor quality in music stores, and that reflects on the price. However, in violin shops, experienced makers tend to put together higher-quality apparel than those found in generic music stores. The cost may be high, but it will be a smart choice in both the short and long term.

Sophisticated costumes from violin shops include handmade violins from overseas factories. In other words, artists make violins instead of machines. While it can be made from the assembly line of manufacturers with different skills – rolls, notches, ribs, etc. – Student violins produced in this way can end up sounding quite good, not only in the factory, depending on how they are assembled, but also in the store that eventually puts the costume on sale.

The clothes, offered by local online stores or at their studios,

 are expertly crafted after being shipped from overseas. Before assembling the packages, skilled builders usually replace the bridge, skillfully install the speaker, and replace the violin strings. Simply making these adjustments to a factory-built violin can significantly improve the sound and playing ability of the instrument. Ease of play, as well as quality of tone, is obviously a very important element for student-athletes.

Mainstream music stores and online violin stores that are not owned and operated by experienced makers and lottery players simply do not have the knowledge and experience to make these changes. The violin equipment will be delivered to customers as it will be received by the overseas factory. The arches and housings of this apparatus are generally of poor quality and represent the minimum required for the production of sound in shop by outfit.

Local violin shops will ditch the cheap bows, usually made of inferior wood

 And fiber lacquer, and upgrade the bow to further enhance the violin playing experience. The quality of the way the violin is made is important. The layout of the store is very important. The quality and use of the varnish are far from unimportant. A wood or fiberglass bow that can be maintained over time can have a serious effect on both the sound and the student’s ability to play the instrument.

The violin kit should come with factory or store supplied violin cases, good enough to adequately protect the instrument from the elements. These housings are usually made of plywood or thermoplastic, fitted with a key lock and covered with cut or glazed nylon.

So as a general rule of thumb, you should buy from a store or online store that is represented and serviced by experienced violin and lute makers. They further offer their knowledge and insight into which violin costume is best for the musician. They also fit clothes better with high-end holsters and bows, yet offer savings when purchasing items individually.