Mining is a hazardous profession especially underground mining. Security is a major concern for all miners and the equipment used by them play an crucial function in keeping them safe. That’s why the businesses operating in this field invest a large amount of dollars on safety equipment to ensure their employees aren’t harmed. Underground mining is more hazardous as compared to surface mining therefore their equipment invest on is greater.

The most fearsome aspect of working in a mine is the possibility of cave-ins, the reality is that underground mines are among the most secure places to work. This is due to the mining equipment utilized. Here are a few aspects which make mining underground more secure.


Automatization means that machines are able to do most part of the job, while the amount of people working is decreased. We’ve come a long way since the first automated mine was discovered in 1885. The automated mining process is where all jobs are completed by machines apart from the control and driving of the machines. Also, all the loading, grading and sorting is carried out with machines and no manual labor is employed. This decreases the number of employees as well as ensuring that the mine is operational 24/7 and 365 days of the year. All this is feasible with the help of an efficient mining software.

Use data

Companies that specialize in mining, such as Newtrax has progressed to the point that we can now forecast the likelihood of cave-ins as well as other hazards and utilize the information to improve the safety of mining. There are many aspects to be considered in mining and it’s essential that you are aware of risks associated with mining. If you’re not sure of exactly what you’re doing it might end up costing your industry lots of dollars. Mining isn’t just an extremely dangerous job, but also costly. In the last 10 years, more than 1000 people have been killed during mining incidents. Mining workers are constantly working in hazardous conditions and need to know the risks they’re exposed to when they’re underground. This is where the crucial information from systems such as Newtrax can be utilized to make better decisions regarding workers and their security.

Collision avoidance system

Mining has always been a hazardous work. Particularly underground mining, as there’s no way to know what’s underneath your feet. When operating heavy equipment any error that is made could result in serious injury or death. This is the reason why, underground mining is crucial to ensure that no one gets injured. Collision avoidance systems is a relatively new technology employed to assist miners in avoiding risky situations. Utilizing human detection and computer vision technology, the systems are able to aid miners in avoiding dangers.

Enhances productivity

Mining is among the most hazardous and dirty jobs around the globe. What if there were an option to make it more secure? It is. The key is in the mining industry technology. Mining companies are always trying to improve the efficiency of their mines while cutting down on the number of deaths and accidents. Equipment for underground mining is an excellent illustration of the ways that mining technology can increase productivity.

Underground mining takes place via mining shafts built horizontally and vertically. Miners are forced working in cramped conditions. Another option is the use of the latest technological self-propelled modules (SPMVs). These are compact, self-powered and can be utilized for the underground mines. They have four-wheel drive, making them extremely efficient. SPMVs are extremely efficient. SPMVs are also able to be connected and utilized in the form of a line. They are used for transporting mining equipment and mines. Due to the unique nature of their operation they can be controlled via remote control.